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Why Your Energy Matters to Your Business

Let's Talk About YOUR Energy

We’ve talked about confidence, we’ve talked about processes, now it’s time to talk about energy.

No, I’m not talking just about how amped — or not you feel — about a project ... or how much coffee you need in the morning to feel like you have any energy at all.

I’m talking about YOU — who you are, how you interact with others, whether you’re calm and cool or enthusiastic and bubbly, or perhaps a mixture of all the things.

It’s that space where you feel your best and work your best.

Everyone’s energy is different, and that’s FINE. You will be effective no matter what energy you possess once you understand it a little more and learn to harness it.

Because here’s the great thing about having processes and confidence in your business: It allows you to be more authentically YOU. And you’re pretty damn great, right?! (Yes, you are.)

Now let’s dive into some...

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How Business Processes Increase Your Confidence (and Your Bank Account)

Confidence is Key

Confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, practice and patience (with yourself). But you can start building on it right away, little by little, step by step.

Last week we talked about overcoming imposter syndrome and gaining the confidence you need to charge what your designs are worth

Now it’s time to turn to the processes that will help you get there.

Why Create Repeatable Processes

I’m a die-hard advocate of creating repeatable processes in your interior design business. 

Why? It builds confidence to charge what your designs are worth and it helps you better manage your projects. 

Doesn’t that sound like a great foundation where you can begin to feel less like an imposter? It sure does. 

Over time, you’ll find you’re more and more comfortable charging for not just the final design you provide your clients but the EXPERIENCE you are giving them. 

That’s because you’re...

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Why Aren't You Charging More for Your Design Genius?

Who here has ever felt like an imposter in their business? Raise your hand. C’mon, don’t be shy. 

Every single person should be raising their hand because we’ve all felt it — that feeling that my designs are not worth that price tag, that I can’t charge more because I don’t have enough experience or a degree I can frame on the wall and point to as evidence I spent years studying for this career.

Everyone has that tiny voice in the back of their head whispering these things, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. And don’t forget that ultimately you are in control of your thoughts … sometimes they just need extra guidance or a heavy hand to steer away from the edge of that massive, looming cliff.

So when that little voice tries to speak up, tell it to bugger off and replace those mutterings with positive, powerful affirmations.

If that voice whispers, “You can’t charge $X price for your design because...

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