Why Your Energy Matters to Your Business

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Let's Talk About YOUR Energy

We’ve talked about confidence, we’ve talked about processes, now it’s time to talk about energy.

No, I’m not talking just about how amped — or not you feel — about a project ... or how much coffee you need in the morning to feel like you have any energy at all.

I’m talking about YOU — who you are, how you interact with others, whether you’re calm and cool or enthusiastic and bubbly, or perhaps a mixture of all the things.

It’s that space where you feel your best and work your best.

Everyone’s energy is different, and that’s FINE. You will be effective no matter what energy you possess once you understand it a little more and learn to harness it.

Because here’s the great thing about having processes and confidence in your business: It allows you to be more authentically YOU. And you’re pretty damn great, right?! (Yes, you are.)

Now let’s dive into some tips around energy.

1. First off, energy is contagious.

If you’ve ever hung around someone with bad, negative energy for more than a few minutes, then you know what I mean. Even the most positive, buoyant person will struggle in that situation to remain upbeat. And the opposite is true as well. Just picking up the phone with a smile on your face can help set the mood, which is really important as a business owner, especially one in a creative field. 


This leads to my second point — you, as the business owner, are in charge of setting and maintaining the energy throughout your projects, including resetting it if things get a little off track (hey, we all have bad days!).

Keep things positive and be YOURSELF and you will attract your ideal clients because they won’t just gravitate toward your amazing designs but also your amazing energy. This starts with the copy on your website, your blog, your social media accounts — before you’ve even TALKED to a prospective client — and continues to your first phone call and your first in-person meeting and every interaction after that.

3. Practice Makes Perfect!

Then because you have a good rapport with your clients, processes in place AND great energy — in addition to kick*ss designs — you’ll grow even more confident, you’ll be more positive and more enthusiastic and your business will blossom as your clients sing your praises. 

It will get tough at times, but remember to lead with positivity and don’t become a worry-wart. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then your client will not have confidence in you either.


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