How Business Processes Increase Your Confidence (and Your Bank Account)

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Confidence is Key

Confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, practice and patience (with yourself). But you can start building on it right away, little by little, step by step.

Last week we talked about overcoming imposter syndrome and gaining the confidence you need to charge what your designs are worth

Now it’s time to turn to the processes that will help you get there.

Why Create Repeatable Processes

I’m a die-hard advocate of creating repeatable processes in your interior design business. 

Why? It builds confidence to charge what your designs are worth and it helps you better manage your projects. 

Doesn’t that sound like a great foundation where you can begin to feel less like an imposter? It sure does. 

Over time, you’ll find you’re more and more comfortable charging for not just the final design you provide your clients but the EXPERIENCE you are giving them. 

That’s because you’re not just a designer, you’re a guide.

And with the processes — and confidence — you’re growing, you’ll find that your CLIENTS become more confident in you as well. 

Think of it this way: You wouldn’t lead a group up Mount Everest or Kilimanjaro or (insert dangerous, potentially deadly mountain climbing experience here) without having a plan. You’d know the weather, you’d have the right gear, the right clothes, the right food, the right climbing tools, the right sleeping bags, enough rope and then some. You’d be fully prepared. You wouldn’t get halfway up the mountain and oh, oops, guess what folks, we’re out of food and water. Sorry about that. 

By having processes in place, aka a PLAN, you and your trekkers, who are PAYING you, would not only NOT die, but will have an experience you’ll never forget — in a good way!

Interior design may not be life or death — or maybe is it … I mean we’ve all seen those really horrendous designs that make your heart skip a beat. But having repeatable processes from the very start will give you — and your client — confidence in your ability to complete the project well.

How to Create Repeatable Processes

So how do you go about creating repeatable processes? Start with the first interactions you have with a new client. You get to know them a little, find out what they want, discuss pricing and a timeline. Now write those out as repeatable processes:

  1. An initial telephone call/email questionnaire form
  2. What your initial visit includes
  3. A pricing model that you can easily explain and repeat to your clients – that is not HOURLY
  4. A document that outlines your deliverables

Those are just SOME ideas to get you started. Think about everything else that you do repeatedly in your business and write that down, too. Then edit and repeat. 

Remember, you’ll always be finessing your processes so don’t aim for absolute perfection the first, second or fifteenth time around. Allow your processes to grow over time.


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