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How Do You Pick An Interior Designer? (Part I In a Behind the Scenes Series)

processes Feb 05, 2019
Have you ever considered hiring an interior designer or decorator but had no idea where to start? I mean, just Google “Dallas Interior Designer” and you’ll come up with pages and pages of options. So HOW do you pick an interior designer? This is the first in a series of Behind The Scenes articles I’ll be sharing.

First of all, interior design is a very personal service. One that requires quite a bit of trust – from both parties. When exploring how to pick an interior designer that is right for YOU, all of the following points are moot if there is no trust. The client must trust the designer will be able to interpret their style and translate it within budget – and the promised timeframe. And the designer needs to trust the client to speak up, share their honest thoughts, likes, dislikes, budget, and so forth – and then allow the designer to express creativity in the design delivered.

So, without further ado, here are a few key points to...

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4 Myths of Owning Your Own Interior Design Business

processes Sep 19, 2018
Do you think owning your own interior design business is full of glamour, rich clients, private jets and martinis?

When I first started my interior design business, I believed I would be working flexible hours, wearing fancy outfits and making a bucket of money.

Sure, there are days that I get dressed up for a meeting, and my hours are flexible. But as a Creative, you’re working even when you’re home making dinner (because a certain vegetable color combination just inspired you). And while I still haven’t had a martini on a private jet, I am optimistic that’s in my future.

Starting an interior design or decorating business can be full of mystery. And in my experience, there are 4 major myths of owning your own interior design business:

Myth #1 : It’s a glamorous job.

There is a belief that Interior Designers and Decorators sit around in stylish design studios, in their fancy clothes, scrolling through Instagram and flipping through interior...

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