Episode 049: Getting Legit with Legal with Jamie Lieberman



Show Notes

Hey, y’all, welcome back to the podcast. As creatives, we sometimes don’t think about the legalities of owning a business, but it is so important to have all of your legal basis covered.

Today my guest is Jamie Lieberman. She has been a practicing lawyer for 16 years and is the owner and founder of Hashtag Legal. In this episode, Jamie and I chat about the art of negotiation and when is the right time to contact an attorney for your business.

Learn more about Jamie by visiting www.hashtag-legal.com and go listen to her new podcast, the (un)business podcast.



About Jamie

Jamie Lieberman, owner and founder of Hashtag Legal has been a practicing lawyer for 16 years. As an experienced entrepreneur, Jamie understands the unique needs of business owners at different stages in their organization’s growth.

Today, she partners with clients across verticals including influencer marketing, creative services and e-commerce. She has a deep commitment to making legal accessible and regularly speaks about legal matters, the art of negotiation and entrepreneurial topics at leading industry events such as Alt Summit, Podcast Movement, and FinCon and as an expert source for media like Digiday, Business Insider and Forbes.


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