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The 3rd Annual Interior Design Business Success Summit


The must-attend event of the year

For interior designers who want to build industry connections and learn from experts on how to truly elevate their business. And meet other badass design professionals ... because

nobody “understands” like another designer

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“I can't wait for this years event - its already on my calendar”

Attending the 2021 Interior Design Business Success Summit was one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to my business.

The days were packed with excellent speakers - the topics were meaningful and I was able to take action to implement the content right away! I've hired an assistant, transferred my bookkeeping & procurement, set up new and fantastic vendor accounts, AND adjusted my insurance coverage.

See you in October!

– Dee Dee Lear

Are you still reeling from the year we’ve had?!

It’s time to catch your breath

As the interior design industry continues to evolve and grow to the ever-changing marketplace, including the rise of eCommerce, un-ending lead times, and rising costs, the need for outside-the-box thinking and coming together as a community is needed more than ever.

And after a year like 2021, we deserve an event where we can come together and discuss it all — and so much more!

Making time for yourself and your business isn’t a luxury — it’s a must

Be honest: When’s the last time that you really decided to treat yo’self in your business?

To dedicate three full days ((without kids, spouses, or anybody to take care of) to evolve your skills as a business owner, build deep connections with fellow designers and incredible vendors, and really plan for your next level of growth?

If you’re like most interior designers...

The answer is never.

Here's the truth:

There has never been a better time to...

  • Learn what new lines of revenue you can add to your growing business
  • Build a winning team that is just as invested in your business as you are
  • Manage client expectations without losing your mind
  • Meet new vendors, set up new accounts, and see new product lines
  • Connect with other designers and develop local and nationwide relationships
  • Get the tea on what it’s like to work with HGTV
  • Create healthy habits, without trading your time for money
  • and so much more.
You're right – I do deserve this. Count me in!
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“This is a must-attend event for your interior design business!”

Attending the inaugural Interior Design Business Success Summit was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business in years... even amidst the uncertainty of 2020. Attending again in 2021 continued moving my business forward & elevating my services.

Michelle's wisdom and encouragement were exactly what I needed to push me out of the burnout cycle I’d found myself in.

The speakers have consistently been fantastic, I made new friends, and I was able to make connections with vendors I didn't even know existed - allowing me to immediately add profit to my bottom line. This is a must-attend event.

– April Guillory

Here's what to expect

Whether you’re an aspiring interior designer or someone who’s been in the game for decades, you’ll walk away from this event with tangible and actionable clarity on how to elevate your interior design business. (Oh — and sparkly eyes and tired feet, too.)


A private tour of the Dallas Market Center

Discover new lines and wholesale vendors, and learn the nuances of various showrooms


Meet vendors and discover solutions

Meet and interact with vendors so you can provide beautiful and unique solutions to your clients


Learn from top industry experts

Hear from industry leaders on the key aspects of building a successful, profitable interior design business


Develop connections with your peers

Meet other passionate designers and make connections that will last long after the Summit

What our week will look like:

  • We start Wednesday, 12 October at 8:30 and end at 4:30 each day
  • Some evening events to get to know each other even better
  • We’ll have a lineup of badass speakers each day
  • Fun door prizes
  • Experience a private tour of Dallas Market Center
  • Lifestyle Photos to be taken at Market
  • A welcome cocktail hour to meet your fellow attendees
  • Enjoy a cooking event at Ferguson's in the Dallas Design District
  • Plenty of time to explore new vendors

Meet your speakers

We have a jam packed line up of rockstar speakers speaking on topics specifically for interior designers, ranging from mindset to how to make more money in your existing business and:

The Client Experience

with Rick Campos


Your Client Experience

With Rick Campos from Design Biz Survival Guide

Rick Campos is a self proclaimed “recovering interior designer” with fifteen years of experience in luxury residential design. In 2019 Rick said goodbye to client relations and hello to the influencer side of the design industry with a mission to support and promote the rise of our design community. Design Biz Survival Guide is a multi-faceted platform that includes a podcast, personalized business consulting services, an online community and a lecture series. Rick is passionate about sharing information and inspiration with fellow design professionals. Rick’s goal is to empower design professionals and entrepreneurs to be the very best they can be, one conversation at a time.

Pandemics & Recessions:
Business Begins with YOU

with April Gandy


Pandemics & Recessions: Business Begins with YOU

With April Gandy of Alluring Designs Chicago

Interior Designer, Veteran, Mom. I'm from Chicago’s Avalon Park neighborhood on city’s south side. Growing up in the inner city provided me with a strong foundation in which failure was not an option. I vowed to overcome my circumstances and to create a better life for myself and my family. After graduating from St. Francis de Sales High School, I went on to college at Northern Illinois University and became the first in my family to graduate from a university. During this time, I joined the US Air Force Reserve in 2000 and proudly served our country for 21 years. I pledged the greatest Sorority in the world, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc in 2002. I later graduated with a BA in Criminology and went on to complete an MEd in Instructional Design (much different than interior design lol).

I started my design career journey in 2006. At the age of 23, I bought my first piece of property; a 700 square foot fixer–upper condominium in the west suburbs of Chicago. As an impecunious single mother, I had to think outside the box to bring my new home to life. I taught myself many things on the road to transforming my fixer–upper into a beautiful home. During this undertaking, I realized I enjoyed the process of home improvement. Throughout the years, my skills evolved and I began assisting family and friends in making their homes beautiful. After a decade of working on personal projects, I decided to make the business official and pursued an interior design career. 

I created Alluring Designs Chicago in 2017. I partnered with my mother, Valerie Steward, and close family friend, Jennifer Anderson, to breathe life into this business venture. Together we have overseen multiple renovation projects and countless room makeovers. Our team dynamic is seamless and together we bring so much value to every project. Although becoming owner and Principal Designer of my interior design firm, my expansion mission includes founding a community development organization dedicated to building beautiful homes in the inner city. The vision is to make communities beautiful one home at a time. Let's get to work!

Scaling for Success

with Robin Burrill


Scaling for Success

With Robin Burril from Signature Home Services

Robin Burrill is the and CEO and Principal Designer of the first and only NARI-accredited design-build firm in Texas, Signature Home Services. She joined her husband in his remodeling business in 2002, bringing the residential firm to its current design-build business model. The couple has worked with hundreds of homeowners in Tarrant County to create what they call your "return on enjoyment. Robin guides clients to uncover their priorities and achieve the look and feel they truly want. She's known for her timeless approach to interior design, yet she gracefully weaves in client taste and preferences to create spaces that are each a unique reflection of the connection she makes.

You can see the impact of Robin's work in the projects that have won local, state and national awards as well as media coverage. Her company has won many additional accolades for customer service and business acumen.

Robin started in design after completing her BA in interior design at the University of North Texas. She worked in commercial design before joining her husband, Rob. She's also a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), is a Registered Interior Designer with the state of Texas, is a member of IDS, has her Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) designation and is NCIDQ Certified.

Managing Client Expectations

ML Interiors Group


Managing Client Expectations

With Debbie Pratt & Megan Fornes from The ML Interiors Group

Debbie Pratt & Megan Fornes are the lead designers behind the brand of ML Interiors Group. The dynamic duo have been integral in the growth and success of the firm, each bringing a unique perspective to both the business AND the design functions. ML Interiors has designed homes all over Texas and beyond. They believe that your house should reflect your style, make your life easier, and become the perfect backdrop for your family’s memories!

ABOUT MEGAN: Megan fell in love with interior design from a young age and pursued it as a career with her parents’ encouragement. After earning her design degree from Texas State University, her first stint in commercial design felt a little too impersonal, so she decided to pursue residential design instead. Her ambitious dedication impressed Michelle so much that Megan earned a coveted spot at ML Interiors Group and was officially brought into the fold in June 2015. As she gets to know her clients, Megan has a knack for translating their self-expression into exquisite designs. She’s known to gently nudge her clients to explore beyond their comfort zones and make their spaces more fully representative of their character. Adding stylish details and accessories is one of her favorite parts of design. Megan loves the heartwarming feeling she gets when she finishes a space, and it’s exactly what her client wants. Helping others is second nature to her. Megan lives a big city lifestyle with a small town heart.

ABOUT DEBBIE: Debbie was a stay-at-home mom when she discovered her innate talent for interior design after completing her own major kitchen renovation. The final design was chosen to be showcased on a local home tour, and the recognition spurred her to pursue her newfound passion. She was inspired to take interior design courses and complete several certifications. Debbie joined ML Interiors Group in January 2014 while she was still in school and has since brought her unique talents for big-picture space planning to the firm. She loves figuring out how to make a specific space work based on your lifestyle, needs, and preferences. Debbie also has an acute understanding of the nuances of kid-friendly design after successfully raising 2 young adults at home, so she often brings in the use of performance fabrics and other elements that make the beauty of her designs last. With parents in the Army, Debbie moved many times, exposing her to a vast array of architectural styles and design inspiration. She values peace of mind, wide open spaces, and well-designed closets – the ultimate luxury in life.

Your Social Media Strategy

with Sara Wright


Your Social Media Strategy

With Sara Wright

Sara Wright has been marketing and branding herself since the ’80s, long before social media marketing even existed. Her aptitude for understanding others based on emotional intelligence and the intuitiveness she has of her audience has helped her attract many “followers” as they’re known today. Those who were born before 2000, otherwise known as the pre-social media world, will remember these people simply as “friends." ​​

Sara started her career with Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company that groomed her business acumen. She exercised her creative spirit by pursuing acting at the same time for over eight years, which eventually led her finding her perfect balance of innovation and business prowess in social media management because in time, she found herself managing accounts for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Ask her for the inside scoop on a few Hollywood names and I’ll bet she’ll break you off a little! ​

Now the owner of her own award-winning social media and content marketing company, SLW Media, Sara is a Social Media Strategist and Brand Management Consultant. She and her team of word wizards work to completely remove the burden of social media and content writing from their client’s list of tasks, to amplify their brand across the most relevant platforms, and build a captive audience of ideal customers who will bring their businesses success. Because guess what? Gaining a following that yields a great return takes talent, time and strategy. Present Sara with your passion, your business, and your values and if there's magic there (by "magic" we mean the alignment of values) she will celebrate your labor of love with you. Her zest for life, challenges, and new opportunities is truly unmatched. You’ll see… and you’ll become her follower, too.

Best of Show

with Donna Moss


Best of Show

With Donna Moss

With an eye on high fashion, and 30 years of luxury design experience Donna Moss continues to stay true to her brand and proves that you can as bling it all - while being bold, gold & glamourous. Turning everything she touches into next level luxury her iconic designs seamlessly blend bold pops of color, rich textures, and sophisticated style. Focusing on grand schemes as a high-end luxury designer, whether she is designing for her interior design clients or within the world of decorators show homes

Donna’s exemplary design work has been featured in countless design magazines including Luxe, Traditional Home, and BOLD by Design Magazine, where her brilliant smile and her signature warmth plus “Wow Factor'' personality is known worldwide as a finalist on HDTVs celebrated show “Design Star” Season One, and as the host of her own HGTV series “Donna Decorates Dallas” which celebrates over 30 episodes and several seasons as a leading television series, showing what big (and small!) details make-up a fabulous home. Leading her to become a published author for her book, Best of Show, and for being one of the most sought-after and successful designers in the great state of Texas.

Home Staging as a Revenue Stream

with Nikki Watson


Home Staging as a Revenue Stream

with Nikki Watson

Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, HGTV Personality. Nikki started her career in the real estate world as a flooring sales rep for a chain of 5 stores in the DFW metroplex. After 10 years of building relationships with Realtors and Investors, she ventured out on her own and started what is now the largest Home Staging Company in the State of Texas. Along with her Staging company, she is currently a home builder, a flooring and remodeling company owner, partner in a traveling murder mystery company, a Stage on the new hit show Buy it or Build on HGTV, and in 2022 started a marketing company that hires women recently released from prison or rehab. Nikki and and her work has been featured in: CNN, CBS 11 Dallas Fort Worth, The New York Times, Candy's Dirt, HGTV - House Hunters, HGTV - Buy it or Build it, Dallas Modern Luxury Magazine, The Own Network - Buyit or Build it

To Showhouse or Not To Showhouse

with Bryan Yates


To Showhouse or Not To Showhouse

with Bryan Yates of Yates Desygn

Award winning, globe-trotting interior designer. Bryan Yates, Yates Desygn, Design Principal   With accomplishments spanning landscape design, commercial hospitality design, and luxury residential interior design, Bryan has conceptualized and created numerous upscale projects producing elevated, tailored interiors in sought-after places around the world including New York City, Japan, and Mumbai. Originally from South Texas, he learned the practice of interior design at the Pratt Institute after receiving his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Texas Tech University. He spent the early portion of his career honing his design skills with the renowned firm Yabu Pushelberg where he discovered a love for sharing his clients’ stories through their personal environments.

To Showhouse or Not to Showhouse

with Traci Connell


To Showhouse or Not to Showhouse

With Traci Connell from Traci Connell Interiors

Traci Connell is an award-winning, nationally published interior designer and business coach. Her luxury, namesake design firm is based in Dallas, Texas, and services clients across the U.S. With 20 years of design experience, Traci’s design aesthetic has evolved into a clean-lined, modern look, servicing clients looking for high-end interiors that withstand life – a true marriage of luxury and livability.

Over the years the Traci Connell Interiors team has expertly perfected and streamlined a system of service that simplifies and organizes the design process, becoming one of the most trusted design firms in Dallas. Building upon her years of design experience and business learnings, Traci coaches other highly-motivated designers looking to transform their firm into a strong, profitable systems and workflows. Seeing a need in her industry, The Gloss, the Ultimate Glossary of Business Resources for Interior Designers, was established to provide mentorship and strategy for designers to elevate their firms and scale to millions.

Under the stewardship of Traci Connell, the TCI team has proudly been named D Home Best Designer in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and has been included on the Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List in 2018, 2020, and 2021 and was a prestigious Kips Bay Showhouse designer in 2021. The firm’s work has been recognized in national and regional media publications including Luxe Interiors + Design, Wall Street Journal, Veranda, Traditional Home, Modern Luxury Interiors, D Home and AD Pro among many more.

Your host, Michelle Lynne

President of ML Interiors Group & Business Coach for Interior Designers

I know exactly what it’s like to feel overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid as an interior designer.

A few years into my business, “overdeliver” was my middle name — and my business, bank account, and boundaries paid the price.

That’s why I put the Interior Design Business Summit together.

When I started my interior design firm, it took me a while to figure out how to run an interior design business profitably - without running myself into the ground.

The  secret sauce  to a successful interior design business

Once I figured out the secret sauce – simple, elegant processes for doing great work and making great money – I knew I had to share it with other designers.

So whether you have been in business for 10 days or 10 years, come learn more about the business of interior design from industry experts and spend some time at Dallas Market Center surrounded by other designers.

This event is for you.

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Imagine spending 3 whole days immersed in the business side of your interior design business...

If just one idea, process, or mindset shift happened during this event for you, it could more than pay for the cost to attend.

Last year’s attendees applied what they learned to exponentially increase their income in 2022 — and you can do the same!

Are you ready to create a plan to take 2023 by storm?

I'm ready, sign me up!

“Tremendous value to my business and clients!”

At times, running your interior design business can feel lonely and intimidating.

Attending the Interior Design Business Success Summit allowed me to take a confident leap into the world of designer trade while also making lifetime friendships and memories.

It has added tremendous value to my business and the clients I serve.

– Sara Kostelnik

Where are we meeting?

The Dallas Market Center

A 5 million square foot wholesale trade center housing showrooms which sells only “to the trade” –that means you!

Bonus: Register here to be a buyer at the Dallas Market Center now instead of waiting in line when you’re onsite.

Where are we staying?

The Double Tree Hotel

We’ve partnered with the Double Tree Hotel to guarantee you a special rate for the summit.

Our hotel is a short distance from our session locations.

We recommend arriving Tuesday evening and leaving late Friday evening – or better: the following morning.

Click here to book your stay. 

A special thank you to our sponsors

Our sponsors were hand picked and personally invited based on their commitment to the interior design industry and elevating the community as a whole. Please be sure you visit their websites and patronize their businesses when possible.

“A knowledge super-booster for my business and my confidence;

The Interior Design Business Summit served as a knowledge super-booster for my business and my confidence as an Interior Designer.

The badass speaker line-up provided me with a variety of possibilities on how to approach marketing, how to establish social media strategies, also digging into mindset and how to tailor all of those ideas to implement them into my business. All of this while sharing the experience and creating long-lasting relationships with an exclusive group of talented industry professionals.

– Javier Pimmell

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