a program for people with a love affair

for fabrics, finishes, and furnishings


Design from Scratch is a course

for people working to increase their interior design knowledge and skills in order to pursue a career in the design industry.

Learn from practicing interior designers

and get real-time, relevant insight & feedback about today’s interior design industry, style trends, and how to create beautiful spaces your clients will rave about for years to come.

You have the skills to design gorgeous spaces

but lack the confidence to take it to the next level

What if you don’t use the right vocabulary, or create a space plan that works best for your client, or create a proposal they can't wait to agree too.

This course will help you develop the skills to own your talents and speak to clients with confidence.

Learning how to capture your natural talent, funnel it through a client experience, 

and get paid well is not easy BUT IT IS EASY TO LEARN


Design from Scratch is where you learn the key “ingredients” of interior design. We’ve gathered everything you need to make a success from starting your interior design business. 

You'll get straightforward modules and lessons that provide everything from a Dictionary of Design Terms to Floor Planning and Application.


Great design requires attention to detail

So do great businesses. Here's what's included with Design from Scratch


Straightforward modules & lessons

You’ll have more confidence to talk to your ideal clients about WHAT they need from their spaces, WHY they desire it and what recommendations to suggest.


Private Facebook Group

In between calls you'll be able to ask “real-time” questions and get responses from practicing interior designers, encourage each other, and develop a community with long-lasting relationships.


Interior Design Designation

After going through the program, your knowledge will be tested, and upon completion, you'll receive a designation “badge” that you can include on your website, email signature & promotional materials.

Rise to your potential and join the Design from Scratch program  today.

Imagine having the confidence to talk to your ideal clients about WHAT they need and WHY they need it. How would that impact the launch or growth of your business?


Led by Debbie & Megan 

with a dash of Michelle

We began our journey in 2008 when Michelle was the sole designer at ML Interiors Group.

Now Debbie and Megan are Senior Designers, with a team of designers supporting them in our award-winning projects.

Michelle is still involved in the design business while also coaching and mentoring upcoming designers.

Meet Debbie

Debbie was a stay-at-home mom when she discovered her innate talent for interior design after completing her own major kitchen renovation. The final design was chosen to be showcased on a local home tour, and the recognition spurred her to pursue her newfound passion. She was inspired to take interior design courses and complete several certifications.

Debbie joined ML Interiors Group in January 2014 while she was still in school and has since brought her unique talents for big-picture space planning to the firm. She loves figuring out how to make a specific space work based on your lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

Debbie also has an acute understanding of the nuances of kid-friendly design after successfully raising 2 young adults at home, so she often brings in the use of performance fabrics and other elements that make the beauty of her designs last. With parents in the Army, Debbie moved many times, exposing her to a vast array of architectural styles and design inspiration. She values peace of mind, wide open spaces, and well-designed closets – the ultimate luxury in life.

Meet Megan

Megan fell in love with interior design from a young age and pursued it as a career with her parents’ encouragement. After earning her design degree from Texas State University, her first stint in commercial design felt a little too impersonal, so she decided to pursue residential design instead. Her ambitious dedication impressed Michelle so much that Megan earned a coveted spot at ML Interiors Group and was officially brought into the fold in June 2015.

As she gets to know her clients, Megan has a knack for translating their self-expression into exquisite designs. She’s known to gently nudge her clients to explore beyond their comfort zones and make their spaces more fully representative of their character. Adding stylish details and accessories is one of her favorite parts of design.

Megan loves the heartwarming feeling she gets when she finishes a space, and it’s exactly what her client wants. Helping others is second nature to her. Megan lives a big city lifestyle with a small-town heart.

As seen in

My team and I have included everything you need to...

Take your interior design business to the  next level

Do any of these sound like you?

  • My friends and family always ask me for my decorating help
  • I believe good design is impactful and enhances a home’s mood
  • I don’t have the time, energy, or money to attend a 4-year design program


If that sounds like you, then I’ll bet this is also true: 

  • You know you have the inherent talent to make spaces beautiful
  • Understanding the details of design is a priority for you
  • Investing in an efficient and effective program is the first step to your interior design career

Rise to your potential and enroll in the Design from Scratch course  today.

Imagine having the confidence to talk to your ideal clients about WHAT they need and WHY they need it. How would that impact the launch or growth of your business?

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Program Content

Curious about the content?

Here's what we've got cooking inside the Design from Scratch course:


Module 1: Starter

Designer vs. Decorator. Design Dictionary. Design Styles & Trends.

Module 2: The History of Interior Design

History. The Evolution of the Design Profession in the 20th & 21st Century. Design History Timeline.

Module 3: Design Basics

Elements of Design. Principles of Design.

Module 4: Space Planning

Floor Planning. Layouts. Measuring & Drafting.

Module 5: Design "Mediums"

Lighting. Textiles. Paint & Wall Treatments. Art & Accessories. Flooring. Color. Materials and their uses.

Module 6: Application

Function. Aesthetic. Tracing for Beginners. Visual Communication.

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Imagine having the confidence to talk to your ideal clients about WHAT they need and WHY they need it. How would that impact the launch or growth of your business?

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