Make five + six-figure leaps in your interior design business

From fabrics to finances, I’ll coach you through the business side of running a thriving, profitable interior design business (without boring you to tears — and that’s a promise)

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Hi – I’m Michelle!

President of ML Interiors Group & Business Coach for Interior Designers

I know exactly what it’s like to feel overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid as an interior designer.

A few years into my business, “overdeliver” was my middle name — and my business, bank account, and boundaries paid the price.

After yet another client meeting full of out-of-scope requests (and not having the cajones to say NO), I finally decided it was time to rewrite my story.

Pulling from almost two decades of managing multi-million-dollar businesses in Corporate America, I started treating my interior design business like an actual business.

And lo’ and behold — it worked.

With the right processes and systems, I took back my business, my self-worth, and my personal life.

Now? I get to run a thriving, 7-figure interior design business — without the 7-figure stress, overwhelm & responsibility. 

And you can, too.

All you need is the secret sauce. And lucky for you, I’ve bottled it up for you inside my sweet coaching program, the Interior Design Business Bakery.

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Ready to make some dough & grow your interior design business?

Tired of baking your business cake without a clear recipe? Buh bye baked-from-scratch-and-forgot-some-ingredients nightmare, helloooo deliciously simple roadmap to a profitable interior design business.

The Interior Design Business Bakery is an intimate 12-month group coaching program where brilliant designers learn to take their business to the next level — no marketing or business degree required.

It’s time to bake your interior design cake & eat it too, babe.

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The Designed For The Creative Mind Podcast

  • Ever wondered if there’s an easier way to run a profitable interior design business?
  • Stuck on the trading-time-for-money rollercoaster, with no clue how to jump off (without breaking your neck)?
  • Ready to overcome that overwhelm and introduce more profit, ease + fun to your work?

Then grab those headphones, a big cup of joe (or wine, if you prefer!) and get cozy, friend — because you’re about to finally get the answers you’ve been looking for.

Hosted by 7-figure design-firm owner Michelle Lynne and featuring her genius design team + amazing guests, this is the only show for interior designers who want to master the business of interior design.

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Get clarity on your next best step today

(Seriously. As in right now.)

If you’re struggling to figure out how your day-to-day hustle is supporting the bigger vision you have for your interior design business, it’s time to put on that CEO hat and revisit your business’ foundations.

With my FREE Interior Design Business Review & Planning Guide, you’ll get crystal clear on what’s working in your business (and what’s not), and create an action plan that you can start implementing today to get you closer to the business of your dreams.



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