Why Your Interior Design Business Needs a Blog Plus 5 Ideas for Topics



All businesses need a blog- but not interior designers, right? You’re doing just fine without one, and the idea of adding one more thing to your Thanksgiving-sized plate sounds pretty darn awful… sound familiar? The “I can get by without a blog” sentiment is actually holding you back from taking your design business to the next level. 

While you might be building a client base and creating a name for yourself in the design world, you could be doing even more, with the help of a simple blog. But why? Why do interior designers need blogs? You’re about to find out! Keep reading to learn exactly why you need a blog. And… bonus! I’ll even share how to get started with a few blog prompts. 


Blogs Show Your Expertise


Don’t be afraid to let your brilliance shine! It’s not showing off, it’s called authority marketing and it’s THE way to land new clients as an Interior Designer.. When you create a blog that comes from a place of “I know what I’m talking about,” (i.e., expertise), people are going to actively seek information from you. 

You’ll become an authority figure amongst your target audience. Instead of potential clients searching for information, they’ll come right to you. This is step one in using a blog to grow your business. 

Having a blog on your interior design business website is one of the easiest ways to show potential clients, and vendors you might work with, that you’re a wealth of design knowledge and you’re ready to share! You might bring that bad-ass interior designer energy in person, but you might not have the opportunity to do that if you don’t have the same online presence.

With a blog, you’re able to share what you know, and build your personality before being hired for a project. Delivering content through a blog is the equivalent of following potential clients around “said home improvement store” while they dream about a kitchen overhaul, whispering in their ear I can help you with that, or no, those tiles won’t work for what you have in mind. 

Obviously, that’s weird and not really a thing. But Google is a thing, and when people have a project in mind, they start asking questions. And with a blog, you have the potential to be the first one to answer those questions via search engine. 


Blogs Bring in New Clients


While you’re busy blogging away with interesting content, you’re silently developing a following and bringing eyes to your website. This creates traffic with your blog. The more time people spend on your website, the more search engines reward you. 

While your blog gets more and more clicks, it’s also rising to the top of the search list, making it easier to get more visitors. And this is when your website gets to swoop in to collect new clients! Creative, quality content is one of the easiest ways to get your name out there, and stick in homeowners minds as their new go-to designer. 

Just imagine, potential client Amy is sick and tired of her non-functional kitchen setup. She Googles “best kitchen layouts” and your blog pops up in the list- depending on how you’ve written your blog, it could be closer to the top but it might also be lower on the list. However, with a well written description, you’re going to capture the attention of readers, and they’ll click on your article. 

They’ll also like what you have to say, so they might flag your content and come back to read more. And before you know it, Amy’s calling you to design her kitchen remodel, and she’s telling her friends how fantastic you are!

All of this magic came from one very carefully crafted blog. Because you’re that good. 



Blogs are Affordable Marketing


More than likely, your website has the option to include a blog. If it doesn’t, it’s an easy ad. Everyone has a blog these days, so most web hosting sites already include a blog feature and those that don’t have one built in at least make it easy to link one. 

With the traffic you create from your blog, you’re building your brand, reader by reader. Your name is being spread across the internet as potential clients read what you have to say, and seeing your projected images associated with knowledgeable, expert blog topics. 

Your social media presence is also surging as your blog gains traction on the world wide web. And, it’s not expensive. Yesssss! It’s like fliers, without the paper and printing costs! No signs needed, either. 


Blogs Build Connections


While it might seem like everything on the internet is cold and doesn’t involve human contact, blogs are actually quite the opposite. In today’s internet-based world, blogs are the gateway to creating human interaction. Blogs are one way to build a link between you and anyone looking for the info that you’re offering. 

This is especially true in our current world, where people are seeking other ways to build relationships, since that nasty Covid is preventing the usual organic methods… you know, like chatting and handshakes. But using a blog is a great way to get the conversation started, and to make your business feel more personal to potential clients. 


Where to Start


See?! Blogging isn’t just for the other businesses, and it’s certainly not just for those really trendy people that want to show off their clothes. Blogging is for YOU! So now that you’re all inspired, here’s a few blog prompts to get you started:


  • Anything involving designer “secrets”: you don’t have to give them all away, just enough to garner some attention. Your top 5 favorite places to score fashions for the home is always a great place to start.
  • How to’s: used with intention and strategy, how to’s are a great content topic because they are very common searches, people are always wanting that Insta-worthy mantle or perfectly curated shelf. Give the people what they want and create a step-by-step tutorial. You can also do this seasonally and adapt to different holidays. 
  • Current Amazon Faves: Write about your recent Amazon must-haves and create a searchable list on Amazon. 
  • Tips for Procuring and Artwork: this is another biggie that brings in a lot of interest. Everyone wants to have an aesthetically pleasing home, and artwork is part of that. A topic like this is enough to inspire, but still leaves room for clients to seek out your expertise.
  • Favorite Swoon-Worthy Color Palettes and Why: here you can share some of your favorites, including specific colors and even possible furniture pieces and accessories. 


Final Thoughts


The bottom line here is that a blog is a simple, effective, and impactful way to put that out into the universe. Your blog is a direct reflection of you and your business, so with a little crafty wordsmithing, you’ll be able to capture an audience full of your ideal clients!

Intrigued, but still want to learn more? Join me in The Business Bakery to find out how blogging, along with my other top secret strategies, can help you realize your business goals this year. I’ve been developing my own interior design business for long enough now that I know the science behind the success, and I’m ready to share it with you. This is your official invitation to join the party! I mean, it’s a learning party, but a party’s a party. And I promise you’ll have fun while absorbing all of this new information!

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