The Importance of Workshops, Seminars & Networking


If you know us here at Designed for the Creative Mind and ML Interiors Group, you know that we are proponents for #CommunityOverCompetition. It's not just a hashtag, it's our way of doing business.  Now that the world is {hopefully} opening back up and we can gather again, connecting with other industry leaders and professionals is a great investment in your business. 

Continuing education is about elevating your skills - both personally and professionally. Whether you're expanding your business knowledge or refining your design skills, your path to growing a successful business owner includes always learning. Attending seminars and workshops (or hey - a shameless plug - The Interior Design Business Success Summit) is a great way to continue your education while also making new friends. 

Creating connections

Creating connections through networking can be done both at seminars and workshops, but also in your own town or city. Having relationships with local interior designers will make you feel less isolated (especially if you're working from home), but also gives you an avenue for potential referrals, a sounding board, and even knowing that you're not alone is a benefit - because nobody understands this business like another designer!

 Elevating your brand's awareness.

Of course, prospective design clients are a key focus when networking, but having your name positively recognized amongst your peers is also a priority. Why? Because being well-known and well-liked in your industry may often lead to opportunities that you would not otherwise be presented. Obviously, talent is a factor, but by showing up, and forming meaningful relationships you may find reciprocity you didn't even know existed.



Keeping up with the Kardashians industry

Spending time at events with like-minded creative professionals helps you to see your business through a new lens. Learning from experts and mingling with your peers will help you stay abreast of trends and new tools for your business. We often live in our own bubble and expanding your horizons will expand your personal & professional practices.

You are the CEO of your business

Attending seminars, workshops, conferences, and events, in general, can be difficult to maneuver while also running a business. But the results of stepping away from your day-to-day and getting refreshed and re-invigorated is not something you can put a price on. Take the time, to put on your "CEO hat" and invest in the growth of not just your business, but yourself. You'll have a new outlook and new perspective to lead your team and serve your clients best.

Join us in November and put the theory to test! We hope to see you at The Interior Design Business Success Summit!

Need more business insights and advice? Join me in my Interior Designer's Business Launchpad — my free group on Facebook where I offer weekly coaching sessions to help your business thrive while creating beautiful spaces. 


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