Unlocking Success: Your Ultimate Guide to Rocking Interior Design Industry Events Like a Pro


Conferences, happy hour meet-ups, trade shows… being the brilliant interior design business owner you are, I’m sure you’re familiar with just how many interior design networking events there truly are… there’s no way you can attend them all. You could fill your entire calendar with interior design industry events, but you’d have no time left for design!


Instead of running yourself right into the ground going to every luncheon and community group you're invited to, I want to help you focus on making the most of the interior design industry events that you choose to attend- yes, I said choose. I’m also empowering you to pick the events that benefit you. This is definitely a quality over quantity scenario. 


Your time as an interior design business owner is valuable, and you need to be very intentional about the way that time is distributed. Keep reading to learn what I do to make sure I’m effectively and intentionally building my brand through interior design networking.  

Pre-Event Prep for Interior Design Industry Events

As you gear up to go all in on interior design industry events, one of the most critical steps you can take is to establish clear and well-defined goals and objectives… what do you want from this event? Make a list and be specific for each event- what is it that you hope to achieve? 


While these gatherings are an exciting opportunity to connect with industry peers and potential collaborators, going in without a strategic plan is a giant roadblock. A plan helps you optimize your time at the event and absorb everything you possibly can. 


In your pre-game plan, ask yourself… Are you seeking to expand your client base, seeking mentorship, or aiming to gain insights into the latest design trends? Or maybe you're focused on forming partnerships with suppliers or scouting for job opportunities? List your goals keep them with you as you navigate the events. 


In addition to figuring out your course of action for intent, you’ll also have a few tangibles that need a little prepping to create your brand presence. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you leave a lasting impression that reflects your brand in the best light:

Eye-Catching Booth Design and Branding

Not all interior design industry events come with the opportunity to host a booth, so if you do have this chance, take full advantage. Your booth can ultimately become a canvas to showcase your unique design identity. 


Utilize cohesive color schemes, engaging visuals, and well-crafted signage to communicate your brand's essence at a glance. Remember, your booth is not merely a space—it's an immersive experience that reflects your design prowess and leaves a lasting imprint.


Pro tip… crafting a booth or display takes tons of time and effort. I suggest starting as soon as you even get the idea of registering for events. Put some time into it early so you can be ready when the events come along. So start mapping out your target audience and designing a display to showcase how you can connect them to their future dream space.

Interactive Displays and Demonstrations for the Win 

Remember, you’re attending interior design industry events with other creatives like you- boring simply won’t do. Your presence has to pop!


Interactive displays and live demonstrations offer a hands-on glimpse into your creative process, captivating attendees with a tangible showcase of your skills. Give the people what they want… more of you and your brilliance!


Whether it's a live sketching session, a mini room makeover, or a virtual reality walkthrough of your portfolio, these engaging activities invite visitors to step into your world, fostering a deeper connection and facilitating conversations. The end result is always a lasting impression with your brand at the forefront. 


Networking Strategies for Meaningful Connections

The art of forging meaningful connections during interior design industry events requires a little extra work. Keyword being meaningful. While collecting a stack of business cards is a start, the true value lies in the quality, not the quantity, of connections you make. 


Prioritize genuine conversations over scripted pitches, actively listen to others' stories, and ask thoughtful questions that go beyond surface-level discussions. Seek out complementary professionals, potential collaborators, and mentors who align with your goals and values. 


Follow up after the event, nurturing these connections into lasting relationships that extend beyond the event's confines. Go ahead, make new friends. You’re allowed to have a little fun during your interior design networking mission.

Leverage Social Media and Use Those Hashtags

There’s another layer to a successful interior design industry event, but it’s one you should be used to by now… it’s the social media layer, of course!  


In an era of digital connectivity, the power of social media amplifies the impact of your networking endeavors. Employ your active social media platforms to document your event journey, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, insightful takeaways, and engaging visuals. 


Harness event-specific hashtags to join larger conversations and expand your reach to a broader audience, including those who couldn't attend in person. By weaving a compelling narrative through your social media channels, you extend the lifespan of your whole event experience, fostering engagement and inviting connections even after the event concludes.


As you navigate these strategies, remember that the true essence of networking lies in authentic connections, shared experiences, and the endless possibilities that unfold when creative minds converge. Sharing your journey through different interior design industry events via social media is one more way you can boost your brand awareness amongst other industry experts, and potential clients.

Engage in Industry Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaboration makes the world go round! Teamwork makes the dream work… and all those things. Working together is the cornerstone of innovation, and networking events provide a fertile ground for nurturing valuable industry partnerships. 


Teaming up with fellow interior design business owners, suppliers, or other relevant professionals not only amplifies your network but also attests to your openness to diverse perspectives and your commitment to fostering a thriving design community. Added bonus: subconsciously, working with others can give you an extra boost of confidence you didn’t know you needed.


These partnerships act as endorsements from within the industry, further enhancing your brand's credibility and standing. Also, everything’s more fun with friends, right?!


Tying your brand to another well-respected name just opens so many more avenues that can lead in a positive direction. It’s just well worth the effort to build those relationships.


After the Event: What Happens Next

So you planned for the events, you attended them and now you’re done with the events, right? Sorry, babes, not so fast. There’s a little bit of extra work to put in as an interior design business owner to make sure you’re absorbing all you can out of each and every  interior design industry event.

Nurture New Relationships and Leads

Interior design networking events aren’t a leave-it-at-the-door situation. You’re not quite done even though you’re done. 


Reach out via email or social media to express your pleasure in meeting them and your enthusiasm for potential collaborations. Stay engaged by sharing relevant content, offering insights, and actively participating in conversations. 


Pro tip… personalized thank you notes are still really great for keeping those connections alive! Even if it’s in email form, letting someone know you value their time really goes a long way.

Delivering Promised Materials and Information

Remembering to deliver on your promises seems easy, but it might be one of the most challenging parts of wrapping up interior design industry events. We just have so much going on, it’s just really easy to forget- but trust me, don’t do it.


Did you promise to share your portfolio, design insights, or further information with a contact you met? Following through on these commitments is crucial to building trust and credibility. Timely deliverables demonstrate your reliability and dedication. Whether it's sending an e-book, sharing project case studies, or providing additional resources, fulfilling your promises underscores your commitment to fostering genuine connections.

Measure Success and Make Improvements for Next Time

Just as every interior design project undergoes evaluation, assessing the success of your networking event participation is essential. A little self-reflection is all it takes.


Reflect on your goals and objectives set before the event. Did you achieve what you aimed for? Measure success not only in terms of immediate outcomes, such as new connections, but also in terms of long-term opportunities that may arise. Did you miss certain opportunities? Were there aspects of your approach that could be enhanced? 


By analyzing your performance, you pave the way for continual growth and refinement in your networking strategies.


As you wrap up your experience at interior design industry events, remember that the real work begins once the event doors close. 


It’s official. You’re now ready to stop loading your schedule with every interior design networking event possible. Instead, you can pick and choose the ones that work for your goals as a brand, and make those work for you. 


But, if you want to get a head start on the interior design networking, I have a few little secrets to help you build your connections with other interior design business owners. Secret number one… find a collaborative work space that other creatives frequent! If you happen to be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, check out Studio Works, an actual co-working option for other industry professionals. 


Secret number two… my Interior Design Business Bakery is built for interior design business owners just like you. I’ve created an entire online space to help you create your ideal interior design business, a business that you love and that loves you back. 


Basically, I’ve created several different avenues across all different landscapes to ensure all of my fellow interior design business owners can achieve success. Whether it’s networking at interior design industry events or leveraging your beautiful designs to create brand awareness with professional photos, I’m here for you.  


Visit our website to learn more or check out my Facebook community dedicated to lifting up other interior design business owners just like you.

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