Episode 033: The Options You Have with Virtual Interior Design, whether as an E-Designer or as a VDA with Kelly Fridline



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Hey y’all, welcome back to the podcast. Today I am totally fangirling because I get to chat with THE Kelly Fridline. She is the owner of Kelly Fridline Design and CEO of Virtual Design Mentor.  Specializing in design presentations and architectural consulting, Kelly’s built a reputation for her knowledge of Chief Architect, Home Designer, and various design document methodologies and rendering styles synonymous with the interior design industry. In addition to creating these courses, Kelly also provides one-on-one training for Interior Designers needing more attention and/or design consulting.



About Kelly

Kelly is an entrepreneur at heart, but a designer through and through. Since establishing Kelly Fridline Design, LLC in 2017, she’s learned the importance of flexibility in not only design, but business planning and goals. In the almost four years she’s been in business her focus has changed from primarily interior design, to Virtual Design Assistance and Renderings, and now training fellow creatives in the art of professionally presenting and documenting their projects.


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