3 Must-Have Systems for an Interior Design Business Owner



As a business owner, your time is ever so valuable. But, as a creative and interior design business owner, it’s necessary to prioritize the creative design process. So how can you merge both worlds and find a beautiful balance as a business owner and an interior designer?

The answer is an easy one, and you’re more than likely already halfway to solving this problem. You don’t know it. You need to create and implement systems so you’re not reinventing the wheel with every step of your process. Simple and easy-to-execute systems are the key to saving you time and making you money. 

Are you ready to stop wasting time and start increasing your profits? Fabulous! Keep reading to learn three systems every interior design business owner should have in place to work smarter, not harder. 


Wait… What Exactly Are Systems?


Systems are essentially the bones of your business. They’re the lather, rinse repeat elements that you do all the time as part of your routine. But all too often, as business owners, we just go through the motions to check things off the list so we can move on. Each one of these steps can be funneled into a system and fine-tuned to be a more efficient component in your interior design business.

The trick is to step back and take a look at what you’re already doing and do an honest evaluation. As you go through each step in your process, ask yourself…

  • Is this an essential piece to my workflow puzzle? 
  • Is this helping me achieve the final result in the most efficient way possible? 
  • Is there a better way to go about this that will save me time but also get the same desired outcome? 

Then, use those answers to reevaluate your routine and create a more deliberate, intentional operation. I have several systems that I’ve implemented along the way that are integral elements to my interior design business. And I’m here to share!


Implement Client Management Software


Hello, game changer! I was very much of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mindset” when it came to client management. I had a way that was working and didn’t think that there was a better way to do it… until I met CMS. 

Both Dubsado and Honeybook are incredibly helpful tools that will help you manage your clients more efficiently and effectively. And that means saving you time and money. Woohoo! But here’s where I leave you to make the final adult decision yourself… kind of. 

You can read my review of these here and determine which one will be the best option for you and your interior design business. 


Take Control of Your Workflow


Streamlining your workflow will make a huge difference in how you accomplish things. It’s a change that you can see and feel almost instantly. I use Asana to keep all of my interior design business ducks in a row, but Trello and Monday are valid options, too. 

When it comes to choosing one of these to help you better manage your tasks, it very much depends on the size of your business, how many projects you’re juggling, and how tech-savvy you are. You can view my honest review of these three apps right here


Customize Your Marketing Systems


Content is KING in 2023, so spend a little time developing your content strategy based on your ideal customer personas and where they consume information, and then choose the first one to three marketing avenues that make the most sense with your business and your audience, and build a system for publishing consistency and measuring success.

And here’s a little secret… you don’t have to do it yourself. There are people out there that can take your marketing efforts completely out of your hands. I highly recommend outsourcing your marketing and social media, if possible.

However, if you’re not in a position to do that quite yet, it’s oh-so-important to optimize your efforts and make the best use of your time. This will take a little more time to build up front, but once you’ve established a system that works for you, then you’re home-free! Actually, using the system will potentially take you just minutes.


An All-Systems-in-One Option for Interior Designers


If you’re reading through this and thinking “isn’t there a way to do all the things in just one app?” you are seen! I hear you and I feel you… and this new app I’ve created was made with you and the success of your business in mind. 

Sidemark is my solution for interior designers who want to grow their business but don’t have the time or bandwidth to login to all the different apps. Instead, you can have one login to send a marketing email, respond to social direct messages, send an invoice, check your sales pipeline, request a review AND get access to done-for-you marketing services. 

Yes… this app is real and it’s coming soon! You can learn more about Sidemark here and even sign up for early access.

Having systems in place will help you cut back on mistakes and give you more control over your interior design business. Overall, systems save you time and make you more money. But these three systems are just the tip of the iceberg! 

There are more ways that you can be saving yourself time… and energy, two things that you don’t get back. If only there were a personal guide to help show you how to build a business that unleashes your brilliance, so you can work less, earn more, and learn to love the “business side” of interior design… oh wait! There is! It’s me!

My Interior Design Business Bakery is an intimate 12-month group coaching program where brilliant designers learn to grow their businesses with profits baked in. I’ve figured out the secret sauce — simple, elegant processes for doing great work and making great money — I knew I had to share it with other designers, and I’ll share the recipe with you!

With me by your side, you’ll have everything you need to build a beautiful, profitable design business you love — one that will love you back! Click here to learn more about the Interior Design Business Bakery.


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