Created by a practicing interior designer for other designers: “Designed for the Creative Mind™ Interior Design Business Masterclass”. Why? Because every design is different, but the process should remain the same.


A growing collection of interviews by Michelle Lynne, discussing all things related to the BUSINESS of interior design. Enjoy educational conversations with her friends and leaders in related industries.

Episode 1: Utilizing a Professional Receiver

Today's guest is Morgan Heinrich of Delivery Limited, a Professional Receiving Company. She shares why a Receiver is necessary for interior designers, the best practices when you DO enlist the services of a Receiver, and what to look for when searching for a Receiving company. Well, that's most of it...tune in for more!


Episode 2: Small Business Relief During #StayHome

Today's guest is Marty McCutchen, CPA, PC, Tax & Business advisor, and in our conversation, he brings light to the government's small business relief packages. Yes, all 880 pages of it!  Learn what steps you'll need to take in order to maximize the benefits for your small business while we all shelter in place.


Episode 3: What is SEO and Why It's Important

Meg Casebolt is an SEO Specialist and Digital Strategist. She is the owner of Love at First Search, and works with interior design business owners and entrepreneurs who want a gameplan for optimizing their website and crafting epic content, so they can get found by the people that matter most.


Episode 4: How A Copywriter Can Be Your Secret Weapon

Deb Mitchell, of Deb Mitchell Writing is a copywriting genius specializing in the interior design field. She helps designers craft content for their blogs, websites, newsletters, and more. She'll guide OR she'll do it for you. Listen as Deb shares  WHY copywriting is more than just words.


Episode 5: A Little Bit of Everything Good

Christopher Kennedy is an Interior Designer and Philanthropist in Palm Springs, CA. Together, we talk about a LOT, including being your own brand, pricing your services, owning your own store and who to hire first. We cover a bit of everything good in this conversation!


Episode 6: The Power of Community in Interior Design

Today's guest is Rick Campos, a recovering interior designer who now hosts the popular Design Biz Survival Guide, runs a consulting business and has launched a lecture series. Together we talk about the power of community in the industry, and how coming together strengthens us all.


Episode 7: Why the Right Insurance is Key

Janessa McCracken is with the Satanoff Insurance Agency and has been a part of the insurance industry for a decade. She specializes in the niche of interior design, decorating and home staging. Listen as she answers what and why specialized insurance polices are needed for our industry.


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