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Starts Monday, May 13th at 1pm EST / 12pm CST

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With Interior Designer & Business Coach
Michelle Lynne
President of the ML Interiors Group

“Michelle helped me illuminate who I serve best.”

Christopher Kennedy

Interior Designer, Dreamer, Doer | Palm Springs, CA

Let me guess...

You have whiplash from the ups and downs in your design business.

Most interior designers do. You aren't alone.

Why? Because the market is different now and no one is sharing what they are doing to stay ahead.

Hi, I’m Michelle — owner of the 7-figure ML Interiors Group

I’m here to  change  the industry and help interior designers make five and six figure leaps.

Whether you want to design forever and ever or just long enough to be able to hire a team and have them do most of the design work, I’m here to tell ya:

If we don’t get a few things figured out, the overwhelm is only going to get worse.

And that ain’t marketing. That’s from my personal experience!

When I started my firm, it took me a while to figure out how to run an interior design business profitably - without running myself into the ground.

Once I figured out the secret sauce — simple, elegant processes for doing great work AND making great money — I knew I had to share it with other designers, since no one was willing to do that for me.

Learn the 4 ingredients every Interior Designer needs to run a successful and satisfying business.

“I’m paying you more than I expected to but after seeing your process, I'm very confident that it will get done on time and on budget” — clients say this to me all the time!

And yours will be saying the same to you when we’re done with the workshop!

For Interior Designers looking to master the  business  of Interior Design

Say goodbye to nightmare projects, nutso budgets, and running around at the beck and call of your clients!

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Let’s whip up a profitable Interior Design business so you can have your cake & eat it too!

Are you having a hard time finding your pricing sweet spot?

And are you feeling stuck working with clients who want a low budget design even though you know you’re capable of charging more?

Are you wondering how to get clients to pay those fees?

This workshop will show you why this happens. You'll get to copy/paste my sales process so you only work with the best clients and the best budgets!

Your designs kick ass.

Let’s get your business kicking ass too!

Charge higher rates that align with your values
Work with ideal clients who are happy to pay those rates
Fill your calendar with fulfilling projects
Present your project proposal in a way that converts even the most hesitant prospects
Learn my step-by-step sales process that makes you look so good your clients can’t say no

Here’s our workshop schedule:

Day 1: The *New & Improved* Interior Designer's Recipe for Success

Follow these steps and “bake” it happen with confidence and profit in the changing market

Monday, May 13 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST

Day 2: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Your Uniqueness is the secret ingredient to position yourself as a premium designer

Tuesday, May 14 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST

Day 3: Your Ideal Client Is Waiting to Pay You

How to find the customers that “knead” your design genius and understand your value

Wednesday, May 15 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST

Day 4: 4 Steps to Qualify, Quote and Close Clients

Bake in the profits so you can roll in the dough with your dream projects and clients you love

Thursday, May 16 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST

Day 5: Priced to Win

Our unique blend of pricing formulas so you can thrive in your design business

Friday, May 17 at 1pm EST / 12pm CST
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Join me for the workshop & we can show you...

The Ultimate Recipe for Interior designers

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