FINALLY! A Coaching Program To Help You Grow Your Interior Design Business

Without Trading Your Time for Money

A One-Of-A-Kind Coaching Program that Will Transform Your Business and Your Life

Your Guide: Michelle Lynne


  1. Proven strategies to grow your business through standardized processes.
  2. A pricing practice that is easily explained, easily calculated, repeatable AND profitable.
  3. To avoid wasting time and money by doing this right the first time.
  4. To have the BEST year you've ever dreamed of...

Then this is the most important thing you'll read all year...


So many people are doing what they love AND making alot money from it. But it's not because they are smarter or more special than you. You simply need the tools and strategies the most successful design firms have used!

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So why haven't you cracked the code, yet?

Maybe you don't know where to start or what to do...

Perhaps you've been running your company for years, but can't figure out how to create a process that you AND your clients understand and value...

You don't know 'how to sell' your services...

You haven't figured out how to price your services profitably...

You think it's possible for OTHERS to make money in this industry, but not you...


Here's how and why I can help you make money AND give your time back to you right now...

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I Know What It's Like...

Feeling Like You Could DO and BE MORE...

I've been there...working projects I didn't love, wondering if I'd ever do a job I was passionate about that didn't include that feeling of 'overwhelm'. DESPERATELY wanting to make more money and enjoy freedom to spend time with those we love.

You're NOT Alone, Friend!

After countless tears and sleepless nights, I became obsessed and over the past decade have developed a business that runs itself and generates a profit. I know what it takes to build a brand and a business. I can't keep this to myself any longer which is why I am THRILLED to meet you where you are in your business and share everything I know with YOU!


Interior Design BUSINESS Coaching with Michelle Lynne


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Private Coaching

Work 1 on 1 with Michelle Lynne to address your individual strengths and unique challenges. She will meet you where you are and work with you hand in hand to get you to the next level in your business.

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The time spent on the calls with Michelle are gold. She doesn't tell you what you WANT to hear, she tells you straight up what you NEED to hear.



Who is this for?

Coaching with Michelle Lynne is for interior designers who are looking to eliminate the overwhelm, grow their business and have more time to design.

Coaching with Michelle Lynne is for those who think they don't have time or need to wait until something else happens before they can do the work.

If this sounds like you, know this: That's not true! That's a mistake that will holdyou back from success, because coaching with Michelle Lynne takes away ALL the guessing and gives you the exact blueprint the most successful interior design firms are using right now.

Those interior designers and influencers who experience the most success are action-takers and are driven to make changes in their life and business. Coaching with Michelle Lynne gives you THE business tools you need to achieve the success you dream off.



Think about how good you'll feel when you successfully make more money with every project you accept!

Think about the time you'll have to spend with your family and friends doing things you love!

Think about how good it will feel to see your revenue / sales surging as you become a leader in your niche and your city!

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Lindsey M.

~Lindsey Murillo Interiors

Michelle really blows the lid off of the structure behind her successful interior design business and applies her knowledge to where you are in your business. She shared everything I needed including forms, checklists, and the exact advice for each situation we discussed.

You can do this- this is YOUR time! The interior designers who experience the most success have one major thing in common: they MOVE.

I can't wait to help move your business forward!

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Seats are very limited so please only fill it out if you are an action-taker that is ready to skyrocket your business!