The Secret To Getting Clients To Happily, Quickly Sign Your Contract


So you’ve met with a prospective client, outlined your project and they’re ready to sign on: Congrats!

But before you simply send off the contract to them via email and pop the champagne, there’s one more step you need to take: Walking through the contract face to face.

Back in the day, I used to put contracts together and then email them off to the client, saying give us a call if you have questions, or just sign it and send it back. 

And then …. nothing. Crickets. 

The silence would drive me crazy as I sat there thinking about the money the project would bring in and the amazing design I wanted to create. 

The silence happened for any number of reasons — the client didn’t get around to it or didn’t think it was that important, or he or she needed to make sure their spouse looked it over … or they fell over in their chair because they didn’t realize the design fee was going to be so high and thought they could get the entire project, including a kitchen renovation, for that amount of money (ha!)

That’s why it is key to deliver the contract face to face or with a video chat service such as Zoom, Loom or Skype if you can’t set up something in person. If you have to do a simple phone call, that’s also fine, but either way, I always wait to send the clients the contract while they’re on the call with us — that way I know they’re receiving it.

And this gives you the opportunity to make sure they understand all the details of the contract, what exactly you will be providing, how much it will cost and when everything will be complete.

If you can’t get the contract signed in person, there are a number of ways to do electronic signatures, including some places that offer a few free ones each month. I typically use Adobe Sign, but another one to try is HelloSign.


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