A Deep Dive Into Processes & Pricing Models

Real Talk Design (Podcast) & I Take a Deep Dive Into Processes & Pricing Models

This was such an enjoyable conversation with Michelle Binette of the Real Talk Design Podcast... it was like a conversation with a girlfriend in the same industry who UNDERSTANDS the ins and outs of running your own interior design business. The only thing missing was the face to face energy that comes from chatting over coffee (or wine). 

We cover my backstory (which many of you know by now), the way I had to change my business model and mindset when a major pivot in my business was required. And how darned surprised I was when I discovered how HARD it was to run an interior design business. (Man, there are a LOT of details!)

Looking back, it's amazing how much can change in 5 years!

Wondering how to explain to your client how you charge for your services? 

Michelle got me to loosely role-play how I deliver the message of my pricing with the client - so you can listen and emulate with your own scenarios.

Clients "Shopping" Products?

AND how we handle when the client wants to "shop" the products you suggest from another (less expensive) source. Has that ever happened to you? What do you do about it? I have it spelled out in my contract. 

Pricing Your Design Fee

And THEN we're talking about how I price our design fee (hint: it's NOT by the hour). And why both the client and I love the solution. And how do you overcome the fear of delivering the message that includes a pretty big fee? 

"Anybody who leads the conversation asking how much you cost, probably can't afford you."

But are there other ways to serve the client who wants a beautiful space? Listen to find out.

This episode is damned good if I do say so myself. 




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