Why Asking for Help is NOT A Weakness | MINISODE on Wings of Inspired Business Podcast

Why is it so dang hard for us (women in business) to ask for help? 

Mm-hm. I know you can relate. 

Seriously, we help everyone around us all the time... but when was the last time you remember asking anyone - ANYONE! - to help you? 

I totally get it, and I talked about that and more on the popular podcast Wings of Inspired Business with my friend, badass, and serial entrepreneur Melinda Wittstock.

You won't want to miss this minisode because I share my top 3 pieces of advice for women in business, and specifically, interior designers just like you. 

You'll be able to use these insights to get inspired, feel empowered, and start moving forward with your business goals TODAY.

I always love talking with Melinda, who focuses deeply on the connections between personal and business growth. As you may know very well by now and as I talk about all the time on my blog, you simply can't expect to grow your business without some major personal growth happening too!

If you haven't met her yet, Melinda has built 4 companies across content/media, technology, and artificial intelligence. She now pays it forward with her inspiring mission to lift women entrepreneurs and "catalyze an ecosystem" where women mentor each other (yes!), throw business to each other (double yes!), and invest in each other (triple yes to the yes YAAAAASSSSSS!). 

While those things tend to happen organically between the students in my Designed for the Creative Mind™ Interior Design Business Masterclass, Melinda actively promotes them through her Wings podcast, which highlights some of the world's top female entrepreneurs. They share their journeys, wisdom, and their breakthroughs, which is as instructive as it is inspiring.

Melinda also offers Wings of Success Inner Circle coaching (where she's brought together 70+ top female entrepreneurs for game-changing trainings) and summits, not to mention her courses on podcasting and community building. And then there are her masterminds and epic experiences like Wings of The Empowered Woman.

Phew! She does A LOT, doesn't she?! But it just goes to show how much can be accomplished when we work to help one another - and when we allow ourselves to ask for help when we need it. You know, instead of trying to look like we know what the he** we're doing!


So please listen to my minisode here and I'd love for you to subscribe to Wings here - or wherever you get your podcasts - so you don't miss any of the practical tips and inspirations she shares daily.  And stay tuned, the full interview will be shared soon.





One more thing... Melinda tells me that if you review on iTunes, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a FREE one-on-one personal coaching day with her in Washington D.C. She told me it involves spa time along with a deep dive into your business - ahh-mazing!!! Details here: https://wingspodcast.com/win)



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