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“I quit my job to pursue interior designing full-time! I couldn't have done it without Michelle and her program.”

Megan Temple

Interior Designer | St. Louis, MO
Hi, I’m Michelle — owner of the 7-figure ML Interiors Group

I’m here to change the industry and help interior designers make five and six figure leaps.

Whether you want to design forever and ever or just long enough to be able to hire a team and have them do most of the design work, I’m here to tell ya:

If we don’t get a few things figured out, the overwhelm is only going to get worse.

And that ain’t marketing. That’s from my personal experience!

When I started my firm, it took me a while to figure out how to run an interior design business profitably - without running myself into the ground.

Once I figured out the secret sauce — simple, elegant processes for doing great work AND making great money — I knew I had to share it with other designers, since no one was willing to do that for me.

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