Ep. 128 Dynamics of Solving Problems in the Interior Design industry

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Design for the Creative Mind podcast! I'm your host, Michelle Lind, and today I'm thrilled to have Jessica Harling with me. Jessica is a passionate ringleader and dynamic problem solver, known for her work with Behind the Design.


We dive into the concept of personal branding, discussing the phrases Jessica uses to summarize her personal brand. Have you considered the phrases that describe you in a heartbeat? It's an interesting perspective that we explore.


The podcast takes a fun turn as we recount how Michelle and Jessica first met at Luann Live in Orlando. Despite a rescheduled podcast interview, their chance encounter was a delightful surprise, emphasizing the small, interconnected nature of the interior design world.


Jessica introduces her company, Behind the Design, which focuses on building dream teams in three key ways: finding top talent, providing training for comfort in roles, and developing processes for long-term success. The discussion delves into recruiting beyond designers, encompassing various roles within the interior design business, from admin positions to project managers.


Jessica shares her journey into the industry, stemming from her family's window covering business in Chicago. As a fourth-generation member, she was involved in operations and developed a passion for paving the path behind her, ensuring others wouldn't face the same struggles.


The conversation turns to the generational gap in the design industry, where Jessica noticed a divide between traditional knowledge and modern tools. This realization fueled her mission to bridge the gap, leading her to consult and eventually establish Behind the Design.


We explore the direct impact of Jessica's work, emphasizing the importance of bringing fresh perspectives into the industry. The discussion touches on the value of diverse skill sets and the need to innovate by incorporating different viewpoints.


We discuss the challenges faced by business owners in the interior design industry, focusing on finding, training, and retaining talent. Jessica's insights shed light on the holistic approach she takes, addressing both people and processes to drive business growth.

Join us for this engaging episode as we explore the world of interior design, talent acquisition, and business growth with Jessica Harling from Behind the Design. Thank you for tuning in to the Design for the Creative Mind podcast!

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