115. Where Are They Now? A Conversation w/ Former Students Of The Interior Design Business Bakery

Episode #115

In this episode I am coming to you live from the Las Vegas Market and I am interviewing two of my friends and former students Ivan Piniero and Heather Vercellino, of the Interior Design Business Bakery. They both now have thriving businesses from two very different backgrounds and you will get to hear each of them tell their stories of their individual journey to get where they are now from the first days of their business.


In this episode you will get to hear where they each started, why they joined The Bakery, and the mindset around what it takes to go all in and create the interior design business you desire. 

You’ll learn how Ivan got his first clients ever for his design business while still juggling his corporate job and what you can learn and implement from that, as well as why Heather is so grateful that she went all in and joined The Interior Design Business Bakery and how building her business the right way allowed her to be able to live a life and be there for her family while maintaining a thriving business. 

The thing that brings them together is their love for design and their experience in The Interior Design Business Bakery which is both powerful in helping you build the foundations of your business, AND bringing people together with a powerful community that we will share for years to come which you’ll see is crucial for long term success in this business. 

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