117. Dealing with Unexpected Business Challenges

Episode #117

In this episode, I am taking you on a journey through some challenging times in my business this year, and shedding some light on how to face unexpected situations and overcome fear. From a contractor mishap to personal health issues and team betrayals, I am sharing valuable insights that can help you navigate tough seasons in your business.


How you deal with these disappointments is a key indicator to your long term success in business. Having mental fortitude is key. When the unexpected happens, it elicits fear. Our first response may be to run away and hide and say “forget it”.  It's okay to feel overwhelmed, stressed, or even want to escape but it’s important to honor your feelings and emotions during these tough times. And it’s okay to rest and take some time to process your emotions if that is what is needed. 


To move through these times you must look back at the excuses you made for yourself or others during difficult situations and take ownership of your role. Acknowledge the reality of the situation and get real about if it is as dire as it initially seems. Realize that the actions of others, such as team members or contractors, are not a reflection of you but rather their own choices.


You can learn from my experience that betrayal and challenging moments in business are rarely about you personally and people often make decisions based on their own self-interest or needs. Don't take it personally; it's about them. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions. You can allow yourself to give grace to others, as you would want for yourself.


This podcast episode serves as a reminder that mental fortitude is crucial in business, and how you choose to react to adversity can greatly impact your long-term success. Embrace your emotions, face reality, and keep moving forward with a focus on your business and your well-being.


Thank you for tuning in to this episode. I hope you found value in knowing you are not alone and that this episode helps you navigate hard times in your business a little better. If you enjoyed this podcast, don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review. 

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