Episode 035: Profit First for your Small Business with Susanne Mariga



Show Notes


Most of us start our businesses to make a profit, but sometimes it could feel like we just can’t get ahead. Whether you’ve heard of the cash management system Profit First or not, you will learn so much from this episode. My next guest is Susanne Mariga, a CPA and a Certified Profit First Professional. I am pumped to chat with her about the Profit First system and how she uses this approach with her clients to help them ensure success and long-term financial stability in their businesses.

In addition to her recently published book, Profit First for Minority Business Enterprise, she has partnered with the non-profit organization Hope Worldwide where part of the proceeds from the book help fund scholarships for girls to go to school in Zimbabwe.



Connect with Susanne

Check out Susanne’s free masterclass where she teaches the ins and outs of Profit First by joining her Facebook Group. For more info, you can also visit her website and don’t forget to tune in to The Profit Talk podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow her on all the socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn!


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