Episode 78: How a Podcast Can Help Grow Your Interior Design Business with Haili Murch



Show Notes: 

My next guest not only helped me launch this podcast, but she and her team also keeps it running week after week. Haili Murch is a podcast strategist specializing in launching and managing podcasts.

In this episode, Haili shares how to know when you’re ready to start a podcast, some of the first steps you’ll need to do, and ways you can stand out in the podcast world. Although interior design is a visual industry, having a podcast can help you with brand recognition, extending your reach, and growing your business.

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About Michelle

Michelle Lynne began her interior design career after spending more than two decades working in Corporate America. She began in the home staging arena and has since built a successful, award-winning, full-service interior design firm, employing talented designers and serving clients across the country.

In the summer of 2018, Michelle began focusing on a big gap she saw missing in the interior design industry: teaching interior designers how to run the business of an interior design business. She now engages in private coaching and leads an in-depth, 12-month group coaching program, both options focus on teaching designers profitable processes, systems, strategies, and mindset needed to run a streamlined, profitable interior design firm.

Her motto is simple: we rise by lifting others.



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Michelle Lynne: Welcome to Designed for the Creative Mind, a podcast for interior designers and creative entrepreneurs to run their business with purpose, efficiency, and passion. Because, while every design is different, the process should remain the same. Prepare yourself for some good conversations with amazing guests, a dash of Jesus and a touch of the woowoo, and probably a swear word or two. If you're ready to stop trading your time for money and enjoy your interior design business, you are in the right place. I'm your host, Michelle Lynne.


Michelle Lynne: Hello, hello, hello. This is Michelle Lynne, and I want to welcome you back to the Designed for the Creative Mind podcast. I want to introduce you to today's guest. Her name is Haili Murch. She is the mom of two boys and a podcast connoisseur. She helps launch and manage podcasts, and literally she is the individual who has helped me get this podcast out to you guys on a regular basis with her and her team. So Haili believes that people need a place to teach, share their knowledge, and have a platform for their voice outside of a static post. She's worked on 35 plus different podcasts and is continually amazed with the variety of podcasts and the value that they bring to their listeners. So Haili, there's a lot more to you than that. But welcome to the podcast. And thank you for helping it be here.


Haili Murch: Yeah, thanks for having me. And I'm so glad that you're still here after, about over a year now. Right?


Michelle Lynne: Yeah, I think it's been a little over a year. And I'll tell you, I'm not sure if I told you when we first started working together, I literally had to be almost dragged kicking and screaming, to hosting my own podcast. I just was like, I don't have any more time for this. I don't want to talk to that many people and so forth. And it has been such a blessing with the people that I get to meet through this process and the content we get to give to the audience.


Haili Murch: Can you come tell that to everybody? That was so well said.


Michelle Lynne: Well, that's what we're gonna do here today. Because I think that you just don't, if you have any sort of messaging, a podcast is a great way to get it out there. And I believe everybody has a message to share in one format, or in one way, shape, or form. So if you are a stay-at-home mom who started an interior design business, you have a story, babe, you have a story. If you have been a doctor or a lawyer or something and now you own an interior design business, you have a story. Or if you specialize in some, you know, some specialty. I know Shelley, a friend of mine specializes in creating spaces for individuals who have disabilities. So anyway, I just get so excited. Haili, how did you get started in the podcast arena?


Haili Murch: Yeah, so when I first started my business, I actually just started as a general freelancer. I started off as a virtual assistant. So I had found a course online, called The Free Mama, which basically helps moms. Her mission is to help moms leave their 9 to 5 to start a freelancing job. I didn't have a 9 to 5 at the time, but I was looking for work. I had two little kids. At the time they were four and one.


Michelle Lynne: Aye yai yai, you had a full-time job. It just wasn't outside of the home.


Haili Murch: Amen. That was a full-time job. So just at the time, some things in our personal life were triggering, like me, maybe needing to get some work. And so with little kids, I just didn't really want to go like get a job and be out of the house. And so I was looking for solutions. And I was really blessed to come across this idea to freelance. And ironically, my first couple virtual assistant clients were with podcasters. But for the first year, I didn't really think much of it. I just kind of did it. I took on Pinterest clients, I did YouTube, I did a lot in a year. And after doing a bunch for a year, realized that was too much. And I kept hearing in the online space, niche down, niche down, niche down and I'm like, what do I do? Slight backstory, I'm a singer/songwriter, I'm a musician. And so when I realized that like, sound, sound recording, like the editing of podcasts came to me really naturally. And then after I learned how to utilize that as a business, how I learned to manage all of it. I just was like wait; this is just making sense. And so then during 2020 is when it really exploded. I had a coach at the time who basically encouraged me to put together something that was a little bit bigger of an offer, which was my launch packaging. And my business exploded during the pandemic, everybody was home making podcasts and so it was a really good year.


Michelle Lynne: And sourdough.


Haili Murch: Yes. So that's kind of how it started. And then from there, like, I've just, that's where I niche down. And so I help people start them, and I help people manage them. And that's kind of where my business has sat for a couple years now.


Michelle Lynne: And it's so helpful, because when I, and I'm trying to remember, oh, I know, a mutual friend of ours introduced us, but I had no clue how to start a podcast, like zero, zilch, nada. And your process just made it very simple. Just do this, do this, do this, and then give me that, and you handle the rest. So that's been fantastic. How, and this could just be for me, but I think it's also good for the audience as well, is how do you stand out in the podcast world? Like you said, there's a bazillion now.


Haili Murch: Sure. Yeah. So a lot of people ask me this question. Just because, especially just depending on your, actually it doesn't even matter. But in any industry, you know, people are going to feel intimidated. I know some of the bigger ones like business, entrepreneur, women entrepreneur, mom entrepreneurs, like anything in those realms, people get super intimidated by, you know, there's so many out there. My biggest thing that I tell everybody is just like, nobody is you. So you are going to bring a different voice, different knowledge and background, different clientele, different experience. So there's so many things that make that unique, I think people don't give themselves enough credit to be like, you're awesome, like, share that with everybody, use that to utilize your business and what you're trying to do. So I would say that's just my number one thing. So the second thing that I always tell people is to be consistent. When you're going to start, you're committing to yes, adding a new thing to your schedule, your business. You're adding something to the mix. I make sure people are ready. It might be a very transparent way to be a business owner. But when people come to me, I ask them that honest question. I tell them about my process. I make sure that they're ready to start. But if you're ready, like we launch you, it takes four to five weeks, and then after that you're going every week. So are you ready for that? So when people show up consistently, your audience appreciates that of course, even if you're like, I'm going to take off for the summer, I'm going to take off for a couple of weeks, like, as long as you're open with your audience, they're there for it. Just be consistent. So I've seen a lot of people unfortunately start and then they don't stay with us for services for one reason or another. They have someone else. They want to try it themselves to save money. And then it just doesn't stick. And so I'm like begging people like


Michelle Lynne: That's because it becomes hard.


Haili Murch: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So please, let someone help you in this process. It's not easy, but it is totally worth it. If I can brag about Michelle for a minute, she has shown up consistently, she has great content, she has a great process. She has a great team. And so I get to be on the inside. I see her numbers every month when I send them, our clients, their stats, and her numbers keep getting higher. Numbers to everybody else, that's just people who are downloading and listening. That's showing me that people are continually showing up. So you're doing a great job. And that's a great example of that.


Michelle Lynne: Thank you, yeah. And it's true though, but it's fun to show up. And if you are going to host a podcast, and let me refer also back to last week, so last week's episode, if we do go in order, and I believe it was Tom, Tom Schwab. And he mentioned that what is ordinary to you is amazing to others. So what you just said, Haili about, you know, just show up and be yourself, is so incredibly important. And that's one of the things that we teach in the Interior Design Business Bakery, is like, you're the only you. Be unique. Because people are going to hire you, people are going to listen to you because they like your point of view. You know, you can get on there and talk about paint swatches until you're blue in the face. But you as, you know, to the audience, if that's what you're doing, you're gonna have your own perspective on it compared to if I have a perspective on it. So people are interested in what you have to say. And then secondly, is that consistency, it's just like, just show up. And you know, you don't have to show up every week to record a new podcast. So Tom, who aired last week, and you who is airing today, I actually interviewed on the same day. So you can just stack it and get organized and consolidate your time. And really having a podcast is fun and exciting, and it's something different. And it's work on the front end, but now it's just talking to cool people.


Haili Murch: Yeah, exactly.


Michelle Lynne: But seriously, it's just talking to cool people. And then of course, you guys are the ones who do all the heavy lifting by editing.


Haili Murch: Sure.


Michelle Lynne: So that's such a true statement that you said, that's just, how can you stand out in the podcast world is just show up.


Haili Murch: Absolutely.


Michelle Lynne: That's the same thing in business, just show up. And done is better than perfect. Because seriously, I look back at some of my podcasts, I'm like, ugh. I hope my mom's the only one, and my mom's gonna be the one who likes that one. But, you know, other people are not as critical as I am about my own episode. So thank you for the kind words. So the majority of our audience, I knew it was time to start my podcast because I had a message and I had education that I wanted to share to other interior designers. But if you're an interior designer, and you're wanting to continue to grow your brand, and your reputation and expertise, how would you, Haili, when would you say it's, you know it's time to start a podcast? Like, if it's been ticking around in your head, y'all. Haili, when would you say it's time to just pull the trigger and do it?


Haili Murch: Yeah. So actually, it's funny that you've just said it that way. If it's ticking around in your head. I feel like that's one of the first things most people tell me when they approach me is, they're like, I've been thinking about this for a while, or I've sat on this for a year. And people, it really starts to bug them. They're like, why am I not doing this? Honestly, that's one of the first indicators. That's that little voice telling you that's like the next step. Right? And so that's a great time to talk to me. Because I just want to hear what your ideas are, like, why has that been sitting on your mind for so long? Like, what are your ideas that are generating? And so I think that that's a great place to start. I think the other way to just know like, business-wise, it's not necessarily like, oh, I've done everything else, so I have to do the podcast or like, I need to do that. It's, you know, how can I build that connection with my audience further that I haven't. And honestly, podcasting is a great way to do that. Because if you're just showing up on a Facebook group, which is not bad, I'm not knocking videos, or lives or anything, those are all great resources. But I can tell you, there's a batch of people out there waiting to have a way that they can listen to you, not have to sit and watch, feel connected to you because they can hear your voice and not just scroll and see your story or your post.


Michelle Lynne: Yes.


Haili Murch: So I feel like it's just if you're feeling that, like, if you have that feeling like something is missing like, I'm not feeling connected with my audience, this is a great thing to add when you start having those kinds of feelings.


Michelle Lynne: I love that. And it's so true. Because as a business owner, you have to test and analyze what works and show up in a couple of different ways. So of course, there's the blog, and that lives on your website, and it's static. There are videos that maybe you do on the 'gram, you know, what are they called reels, or YouTube or something along that line. Our job as a business owner is to educate the public on what we do. And I think that as an interior designer, if you're sitting here wondering, well, how can I, what do I need to do about a podcast? Right? What am I going to do, what's my message going to be? Well, think about all of the obstacles that we encounter, just with our clients shopping us, as an example. Clients don't necessarily know that we make money off of selling furniture unless you tell them, and then you tell them that going to find the cheapest version of whatever you're suggesting is not going to be the best solution. Plus, they're potentially ignorantly trying to take money out of your pocket. If you're a designer and you can share these details, these insights about pulling the curtain back behind interior design, I think it would do you a benefit for your audience. And for people who, you know, just in general, it would elevate the interior design industry. So you don't have to be trying to sell a coaching program or a mentorship or an online course or whatever the case may be. As an interior designer, you can still get the message across to the general public who are interested in design but don't know where to start. And they might be intimidated, and they hear your voice and they're like, oh, she's really friendly. And she's, you know, she's in my realm. So there's a lot that can be done.


Haili Murch: Yeah. And I think with interior design specifically, I know, I just talked with a potential client the other day, something more along the lines of like the construction side of things. And we were talking about different ways that that could be created into some content and all that. And I think what a lot of people get afraid of is like with very visual things. Like, interior design is very visual, like, we want to see a pretty picture and all that. But there's a lot of people out there that I think, like you said, want to build that connection. Like, you know, if they have an interior design business or something that they are trying to share, if they're, like I said, a picture is cool, and we want to see that with interior design. But we want to hear your reason behind, like, why did you pick the colors? And why that design for that person? And like, there's so many cool things. I'm an interior design junkie. So even though I'm not technically in this bubble, like, I love all that stuff, and so I understand why it would be such an amazing niche for a podcast. So even people listening might think, well, Michelle has this podcast, or I know this other interior design person. That means people like listening to it. So just create what makes you special and unique and you've got your own thing.


Michelle Lynne: Well, that and dude, look at how HGTV took off. I mean, yes, it is a different platform because there's the visual. But you can't watch that while you're riding in a car.


Haili Murch: Right.


Michelle Lynne: So if you can hear somebody talking about the details behind the design and if they can create an image in the head, then you can always send them back to your website to see exactly what you're talking about.


Haili Murch: Exactly, which then in turn shows your services or what you're doing and so then you've got them.


Michelle Lynne: The Google juice picks it up. Yes, exactly. So I think that because interior design is such a unique field that so many people are interested in just, you know, you said you're not in the bubble, did you say bubble? You're not in the bubble of design circle?


Haili Murch: You know, I don't have a business in interior design, but I love it.


Michelle Lynne: Exactly. And the majority of the public, not the majority, but there's a huge percentage of the public that loves it. So as interior designers, we have that advantage working for us. It's going to allow us to literally rise above the other individuals who are not doing anything about it. So you know, you can have a great Instagram or not, you can have a great blog or not, although I do recommend that you do have a blog at least once a month. But if you had a podcast, and it started growing, what would that do for you as a brand as well as a business? So it goes hand in hand. Even though there might be people listening, if you're on the West Coast and they're on the East Coast, and they would never hire you, you're still creating a brand and setting yourself up as the expert.


Haili Murch: Yes. Absolutely.


Michelle Lynne: So you know, I wouldn't have had you on here, Haili, if it wasn't a value to our audience. And like I said, last week we had somebody who books other people to be on podcasts as a guest. This week, we have you as to how do you start your own podcast, and why would you. So let's talk about that. So let's say we've piqued the curiosity of some of the listeners. What are some of the first steps they would need to take to start a podcast?


Haili Murch: Yeah, so I'm going to generalize this because you might decide to work with someone like me who will help you or like do it on your own.


Michelle Lynne: Oh, no, no, no, hold on, hold on, hold on. Let me interrupt you there. I teach you have to outsource what you're not good at. So y'all, if you're listening to this, don't try to do it yourself. Outsource this shit. Haili's great, she's not giving me a kickback or any discounts on my podcast or whatever. But it's just like, you should have somebody outsourcing, you should be outsourcing your accounting, you know, you don't go get your car oil change and your hair done at the same place. Okay? As an interior designer, you make money designing, you do not make money doing all the technical shit behind the scenes, creating your own website, creating your own podcasts, all of these things.


Haili Murch: Hey, let me start that over because Michelle is nailing it on the business side.


Michelle Lynne: Thank you for not putting the hard sell on the audience, but I just am going to tell them that whether it's you or somebody else, outsource that.


Haili Murch: When you outsource this,


Michelle Lynne: There you go.


Haili Murch: I'll tell you the first steps that you're gonna do, first couple steps. One is that you've got to have that commitment to the consistency. So I would just put that in the bubble of mindset, you know, get yourself ready. Launching is definitely, and I'll see if Michelle agrees with this, is probably the harder part. Once you're managing it, it's just like she said, she just gets to talk to cool people, and she gets to have this content come out every week. And then she has a team that does this for her. So after the launch, it's not so bad. When you're coming in for a launch, we just need a bunch of stuff from you. So prepare for like giving us some of your branding, we're gonna need you to record some things like your intro and outro. And so I don't want to go too in depth of every part of the process, but there are things that you prepare and then there are things that like, we just take over the rest, so you don't have to touch it. And then we set you up so that the week before you launch that you're ready to promote, and that's your fun game. Like you just get to sell the crap out of your thing, right?


Michelle Lynne: And because it's free, you can sell the crap out of it a lot.


Haili Murch: Yeah, exactly. So yeah, I would just say, like, have some basic knowledge that, like, you're gonna have to get some things together. And you're gonna walk through a process with a podcast manager, and you don't need to worry, like she said about all the technical stuff, because we take care of all that.


Michelle Lynne: Yeah, thank goodness. Thank goodness, because otherwise, it would just be a hot mess, or it wouldn't get done. So I think that that is key in regards to just utilizing your time properly and outsourcing to the experts, because you're 10 times faster than I would be. Even if I, like I love doing my social media. I love doing my social media, but I'm not as good at it as an expert. So outsource that, outsource your podcast management, all the things. And there are some things behind the scenes, y'all that it's not just me showing up and having cute conversations because then you have to get the headshot and the bio and some of these things organized. But once you put a system in place, it's easy to do. Super easy to do. And you guys make it easy.


Haili Murch: I'm glad you brought that up, because yeah, once you've launched and you're managing, that doesn't just mean like she said that you're just talking, there's a couple little pieces. But if you have a VA, if you have a podcast manager and you have that extra support, you will not have to touch very much, like it's just so little.


Michelle Lynne: Exactly. Yeah, yeah. And if you guys decide that you want to start a podcast, reach out to me, and I'll just send you some of my templates. And you can just forward them off to Haili and look, hey, we could start another business. I've got it streamlined on this end and then we just hand it off to you and we're good to go. So, Haili, we talked a little bit about how a podcast would help our listeners and how that would help their interior design business. Or you could be interior design, you could be a landscape designer, you could be an architect, there's a lot of creatives that listen to this, but other than kind of what I mentioned, did anything pop into your head that might be additional benefit than, you know, just really helping to uplevel your brand, name recognition, setting yourself up as an expert, trusted authority.


Haili Murch: So one thing I would add, it's kind of on that last thing you said the trusted authority. I don't remember, somewhere I heard recently in some business group or conference I was in, somebody said that they were telling somebody about their business, or their admin was, sorry, their admin was bragging about their client saying, oh, well, she wrote a book, and she's on YouTube, and she's like, naming all these things. And she goes, she has a podcast, and they were probably in their younger, like, early 20s. They stopped and they go, oh, she has a podcast? Like that was the thing that caught them. Nothing else she had out there, her book, her YouTube, her many followers on Instagram, it was, she has a podcast. So I would just say that like, that was good indicator to me, especially with the younger generation of, okay, like this is still coming. It's hitting a lot of people now, but younger people, like everybody likes a podcast. So don't rule it out. Just don't rule it out. Just because you might think like, oh, this might not fit my niche and industry. I promise I can make it happen for anybody. It really fits any business.


Michelle Lynne: I absolutely agree. And it took me a little while to wrap my brain around it. Having you and Tom previously on here because I thought our industry is so visual. It's so visual. But as I started, you know, I'm tempted to start another podcast for ML Interiors Group, because I do think that there really is a space for the voice and not just the images of interior design. Because you can create a picture in people's mind or you can explain like y'all, this industry, this business, especially owning your own business, is so hard. It's so hard. But we make it look easy. And it's, you know, it's ridiculous on HGTV how they make it look easy because that's just not realistic. But educating the general public as to what goes into interior design, will also help level up the playing field for all designers. When clients understand, it's not just fluffing pillows and picking out paint, or, you know, fairy dust and a rainbow and poof, your room is pretty.


Haili Murch: Right.


Michelle Lynne: So there's something to be done about this by somebody to start leading the charge and creating a market verbally.


Haili Murch: I love that. Well said.


Michelle Lynne: Thank you. Well, Haili, I love this. Is there anything else that you want to leave the audience with before we start digging into our rapid-fire Q&A session?


Haili Murch: Oh, yes, you are the rapid-fire girl. I love it. So I would just say that I know that it can sound intimidating sometimes to start something new, to add something new to your mix. But something that I've just been an advocate for in my business since I started was just take small steps. Don't look at it as this big, huge thing. Small step, contact me or another podcast manager. Next small step, make the choice. Next small step, send me the files. When you break it down like that it doesn't seem as big as a thing. And then it seems more possible. And then once you're in it, like anything new, you're like, so grateful you did it. So don't be afraid to take that small first step.


Michelle Lynne: Well, that and it's how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. And it's the same thing. So if you have the balls to be in business, you have the balls to start a podcast, because anything that's new is scary. And you were able to do scary things by starting a business. So a podcast is just another line of business that will continue to grow your primary space. So it's a marketing effort. Just one more thing to put on your plate but hire a professional so all you have to do is show up and you don't even have to look cute. Because it's all verbal, you don't even have to look cute.


Haili Murch: Yeah, that's true.


Michelle Lynne: But hey, that is a good thing. I don't have to be camera-ready or anything.


Haili Murch: Although you look cute today.


Michelle Lynne: Oh, thank you. It's because I was on camera earlier today, so I do have some makeup on. But after this, I'm gonna go put my hair in a ponytail and put on my workout clothes.


Haili Murch: Yes.


Michelle Lynne: So yeah, you got that Michelle Lynne, the camera-ready one. Yeah, you have to have an alter ego.


Haili Murch: Yeah.


Michelle Lynne: Okay, so, Haili, I love talking about all things business, that just floats my boat. But I also like to have a little bit of fun. So you're familiar with the little Q&A sesh, although I'm not sure. You set up a lot, and then your partner Chris does a lot of the editing.


Haili Murch: I might not have heard what you're doing now.


Michelle Lynne: Exactly. This might not be because I've changed up some messaging. All right. Are you ready?


Haili Murch: All right let's do it.


Michelle Lynne: Okay, softball. What's your favorite ice cream?


Haili Murch: Strawberry.


Michelle Lynne: What was your favorite subject in school?


Haili Murch: Geography.


Michelle Lynne: Oh, fun. What is your favorite color and what do you think it says about you?


Haili Murch: Ooh, black. What does that say about me? I like to keep things neutral.


Michelle Lynne: There you go. That was a good one. Okay, what's one piece of advice you would give your 20-year-old self?


Haili Murch: Holy smokes. 20-year-old self? I would say, the ride is gonna be way different than you ever imagined, but it's gonna be awesome.


Michelle Lynne: So chill out.


Haili Murch: Yeah, chill. It's gonna be fine.


Michelle Lynne: If you could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?


Haili Murch: Oh, one thing?


Michelle Lynne: Eh, three or four.


Haili Murch: Okay two things. Three things. I would want to be remembered as a good mom. I don't want to be a bad mom. I want to be remembered as a kind person. And I want, I'm gonna write one song that everybody knows.


Michelle Lynne: Oh, I love that.


Haili Murch: So I want a song that everyone remembers.


Michelle Lynne: I will be cheering you on. I will be cheering you on for that. If you won $10 million tomorrow, what would you spend it on?


Haili Murch: I would help my parents and my husband's parents first, take care of any of our annoying adult things that need taken care of, and then I would go get a house on the beach. A hundred percent.


Michelle Lynne: Ah, nice. Nice, nice, nice. Well, I will help you with your song at the beach.


Haili Murch: I love that.


Michelle Lynne: Girl, I'm in your corner. Okay, innie belly button or outie?


Haili Murch: Innie.


Michelle Lynne: What's your favorite productivity hack?


Haili Murch: Time blocking.


Michelle Lynne: Oh, yeah, that's a good one. And last one is, what would you pick for your last meal?


Haili Murch: Pizza and chocolate cake.


Michelle Lynne: Oh, yeah, that sounds pretty darn good. What kind of pizza do you eat? What's your favorite? Do you get those weird ones like with pesto and chicken and stuff?


Haili Murch: I don't mind those. I'm kind of like, I like all pizza. But I'm a basic pepperoni girl, or I really love Canadian bacon. And people think the whole pineapple thing is weird, but I love it.


Michelle Lynne: I do too. I tend to go for the weirder pieces. Standard pepperoni is good. I'm not going to turn it down. But I like the fluffy ones.


Haili Murch: Oh, yeah.


Michelle Lynne: All right. Well, Haili, thank you so much for being here. I know the listeners have loved everything that you had to say. You might have even prompted a few to start thinking about a podcast in this very visual industry. Would you let the audience know how or where they can connect with you? And then I'll also be putting that in the show notes.


Haili Murch: Yeah, absolutely. So the two best ways to kind of get in contact with me is Instagram is kind of my social media hub. So @hailimurch, and that's H-A-I-L-I, just so you know, guys. It's different and I get asked that a lot. Why is it spelled that way?


Michelle Lynne: Thanks, Mom.


Haili Murch: Yeah. I actually, I think it's fun. And then I have a link that you can book a discovery call with me. You don't need to feel pressured by that. That's sometimes just for us to chat and see kind of where your ideas are spinning and see what we can do with that. So like Michelle said, I'll give her that information and would love to chat with you.


Michelle Lynne: Absolutely. And I think the cool thing, Haili, is that I know that you would just chat. And you would tell them, you know what, you've got some great ideas and so forth. The timing might not be right. You know, go put these things together, and then let's do it. Or heck, yeah, let's roll. And this is what you need to get to me, tomorrow. Just kidding. That's awesome. So like I said, all of that will be in the show notes. And for those of you who can benefit from even more resources surrounding the business of running your interior design business, you can join the growing community on our Facebook private group, the Interior Designers Business Launchpad. And also, something that we have implemented that I have forgotten to mention on the podcast, is we have the ability to text you with updates of what's going on around the Designed for the Creative Mind hub, whether it is, you know, a summer summit or speaking engagements or workshops or I think we might even announce podcasts on a regular basis. So you can text the word UPDATES to 214-380-1969. And I'm going to add that to the show notes as well, 214-380-1969. So I'm gonna have to write that down so I can let my podcast production crew know.


Haili Murch: See how cool that is? She just has to let them know and they'll take care of it.


Michelle Lynne: So hey, Chris, if you're listening to this, we'll get it to you.


Haili Murch: We keep mentioning Chris. Guys, we love Chris. She's the editor on my team and she does an amazing job.


Michelle Lynne: Yes, Halle-freakin-lujah. So thanks again, Haili. And thank you all for listening. And we will catch you guys on the next episode.


Haili Murch: Yeah, thanks for having me.


Michelle Lynne: Hey, y'all. If you love the show and find it useful, I would really appreciate it if you would share with your friends and followers. And if you like what you're hearing, want to put a face with the name and get even more business advice, then join me in my Facebook group, the Interior Designers Business Launchpad. Yeah, I know it's Facebook, but just come on in for the training and then leave without scrolling your feed. It's fine. I promise you'll enjoy it. And finally, I hear it's good for business to get ratings on your podcast. So please drop yours on whatever platform you use to listen to this. We're all about community over competition. So let's work on elevating our industry, one designer at a time. See you next time.

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