Episode 037: What is Green Design and Is It Right for Your Business with Erica Reiner



Show Notes

Have you ever thought about going green? If you’re either feeling overwhelmed about it or if it’s never even crossed your mind, this episode will open your eyes to ways you can help your clients be more eco-friendly. My next guest is Erica Reiner, a fellow interior designer who specializes in finding ways to transform your space, health, and the planet.

Erica owns Eco Method Interiors, where her team’s mission is to create inspiring spaces grounded in holistic values through transformational interior design. This was a fun and inspiring conversation about how we can all make an impact in the world.

Check out Erica’s podcast, Green By Design, and don’t forget to follow Erica on Instagram!



About Erica:

Erica Reiner is the owner / principal designer of Eco Method Interiors, where her company helps people transform their space, health, and the planet. As an inspired interior designer specializing in cleaner and greener spaces, Erica truly can’t decide if she likes working best in residential, commercial or short-term rental sectors with all the fun that comes with each.

Erica and her team are hired by clients for full-service interior design, online E-design, and event styling. Since 2015, Erica has helped clients create more joy, expression, health and wellbeing through transformational design that goes deeper than aesthetics using the “Eco Method” way.

Erica loves sharing her knowledge and has been featured in Better homes and Gardens, Forbes, Apartment Therapy, Reader's digest and more. Looking forward, Erica is working towards leading the home decor and design industry into a greener, cleaner place. In her spare time, she's hanging with her husband Reed and rescue mutt, Hank.


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Visit her website to learn more about Erica. You can also find her on her podcast "Green By Design". Also, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram!


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