Episode 024: Entrepreneurial Lesson Learned Along the Way with Ciara Stockeland



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Welcome back to the podcast, y’all. I am super excited today to be speaking with Ciara Stockeland, a serial entrepreneur and a Profit First certified coach. If you haven’t heard of Profit First, I am a big believer in it and can’t wait to dive into this conversation. Through her coaching program called The Boutique Workshop, Ciara strives to motivate boutique owners to dream big and build simply.



If you’re wondering why we are talking about boutiques on an interior design podcast and what that has to do with you, believe me, you’ll want to tune in and listen because there are some great nuggets of information in this episode that I know will help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

 Ciara has been recognized as a Small Business Champion through SCORE and most recently was awarded the Outstanding Franchise Small Business Award. She is active with SCORE, an organization that is the largest network of expert business mentors across the nation. Additionally, Ciara has been an active member of the International Franchise Association and an advocate for small businesses with her seat on the United States Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council. She has twice had the opportunity to testify before two U.S. Senate Committees regarding the “joint employer” standard for businesses and its effect on small businesses and franchises. Additionally, in 2015 she represented small businesses at a White House Summit on Worker Voice and again in 2018 for a Summit on Economics.


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