Created by a practicing interior designer for other designers: “Designed for the Creative Mind™ Interior Design Business Masterclass”. Why? Because every design is different, but the process should remain the same.

About the Signature Course

Designed for the Creative Mind™

The Interior Design Business Masterclass

Are you running your interior design business or is it running you?

(Believe it or not, you actually have a say in the matter!)

Running a business is hard.
Running an interior design business is even harder. 
Believe me - I know. I spent 20 years running 3 different multi-million dollar businesses in 3 different industries before I started my design firm. 
The marketing. The service options. The pricing. And that's to say nothing of the actual design work - or the clients' emotions!
Interior design has a ton of moving parts. It's easy to see why so many designers just give up and why so many others aren't happy with the life they've created for themselves with their business. 
If that's you, you know what I'm talking about.
    • You're overwhelmed by the business end of running your interior design business.
    • You're don't have the knowledge (or the time) to provide your clients with the best solutions.
    • You lack confidence in your abilities and have no idea how to charge for your services. Heck, you wonder if you should even be charging for your work at all.
    • Even if you're working from home, you work so much that you aren’t really present with your family.
    • You're trying to please every prospect who calls because let’s face it, you need the business. And that means you're taking on too many projects but still feel like you’re not making any money.
    • In a nutshell, you’re stressed out, not having fun, beyond tired, and pretty darn close to complete burnout. 

I hear you, sister! 

That's right where I was not long ago. That is, until I decided I’d had enough and was ready to make some BIG changes in my design business, my mindset, and my life.

DID YOU KNOW I STARTED MY BUSINESS IN THE 2008 RECESSION? Let's take your business to the next level when others are hiding in fear.

I reviewed my time in corporate America to find a solution and realized that what was missing from my interior design business were processes and procedures, systems and checklists that would allow for repeated success.
Because while design is an imaginative undertaking, my clients needed me to be able to confidently lead them through their projects and I needed tools to standardize exactly how I did that.
My subsequent search for a concise “blueprint” for how to design an interior design business with standardized systems and processes didn’t get me very far. I took a few courses here and there that helped me add to my small-but-growing design business toolbox. But none of these options addressed every goal and challenge I faced in trying to achieve what I envisioned for my company, let alone my life.

Especially in the midst of an unpredictable financial market.

You see, I wasn’t interested in advice that told me that if I wanted to achieve my goals, I’d need to travel to every industry event, work for years on getting products licensed, or incessantly pitch shelter magazines to publish my work to have even a glimmer of hope of succeeding in this business.
I simply wanted to create homes for my clients that were happier and more efficient than they ever thought possible. And I wanted to make a good living doing so.
It took me years, but slowly, and through A LOT of trial and error, I put together a system of proven business practices, step-by-step guides, pricing models, processes and checklists (soooo many checklists!) to manage the business of interior design with - get this - CONFIDENCE and PROFITABILITY.  
And you know what? My team and I use these tools daily in my now-7-figure design business. I work less than ever, have time to raise my toddler, and nurture my marriage, and to just plain enjoy life!
Y’all, I literally designed the exact interior design business I wanted to fit into my life. 
And I now I want to lift the curtain on the exact methods I used to turn my design business around and that changed my life as a result. 

Are you ready to stop agonizing over whether it's all worth it and to FINALLY create a profitable interior design business you love running?

Then keep reading, babe!

I'm thinking you are, or you wouldn’t be here, reading about the headaches and heartaches I've faced (and probably feeling like you've been walking that same path for too long, as well).
But I need to warn you: If you’re looking for a quick fix, a magic wand, or an easy path to all that’s good in life, you won’t get it here. 
This is about changing what you focus your efforts on and how you show up for your clients.
It’s about creating and implementing systems and repeatable processes that let you provide your clients with a transformative service experience.
And it’s about FINALLY being able to charge for your work in a way that earns you *real money*.
That’s exactly what I did to turn my design business around.
And now I’ve put it all together for you in a step-by-step format with me guiding you all the way, and complete with all the tools and techniques my team and I use to run my business. 

I call it The Interior Design Business Masterclass. 

...and it's Designed for the Creative Mind™. 

Whether you earned a degree in interior design with dreams of owning your own firm, only to end up wondering what you'd gotten yourself into and terrified to try, since they didn’t teach you how to run a business in design school...
Or whether you used your skills and passion for creating beautiful spaces sans degree to start a design business that's left you frustrated and broke, feeling like an imposter every time you send out a proposal, prepare a design presentation, or ask a client (for the third time) to pretty please pay their overdue bill...
No matter how you got to this helpless, hopeless place...
I KNOW you believe in the power of good design and how it can profoundly impact and improve lives. 
I also know your deep love for design and drive for creating beautiful spaces isn't going to just go away. 
That's why you’ve invested REAL hours and REAL dollars trying to make this whole interior design business thing pay off.
You’ve proven you’re willing to do the work – you just want to be absolutely certain you’re doing the RIGHT work.
And you need to know that every bit of effort you invest from here on will pay off.


In my Interior Design Business Masterclass I show you exactly where to put your efforts to achieve positive results for your design business where you need them most - in your confidence and in your bottom line.


Class Format

The format of the course is based on (virtual) college courses. We'll "be in" class once a week, where I lead the lesson and expand on some of the key points. Then you go and complete the weekly "homework".
There will be time for Q&A in the "class" as well as in our private Forum.

5 Modules. 6 Weeks. All the tools and know-how you need to turn your business (and your life) around.

Here's what you get..

Your Unique Voice

How to identify your uniqueness and what your ideal client profile is

Marketing - Share That Voice!

How to get the message out to attract your ideal client

Services & Pricing

How to create optimal service offerings and how to price your talents for profit

They’re Calling. Now What?

How to use the "16 Steps of Sanity," a proven process for getting through every design project smoothly

Finishing Strong

How to say ‘Bye’ at the end of a project while leaving your foot in the door for future work

Bonus Materials

Bonus Materials worth $7500

All modules include downloadable worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, swipe files - and more! 

You’ll also have exclusive access to the Designed for the Creative MindTM Interior Design Business Masterclass private forum, as well as an Alumni Group and special group coaching options following the Masterclass.


Based on my own experience and the experiences of the designers who have already taken this course, I’ve come to believe...

That consciously or subconsciously, your beliefs about your ability or inability to run a design business (and to make *real money* at it) directly influence the actions you take as a business owner every single day.
That how you do money is how you do everything.
That the key to making *real money* as a designer is using systems and repeatable processes.
That using systems and repeatable processes makes you more creative and skyrockets the experience you give to your clients.
That skyrocketing the experience you give to your clients justifies you charging premium prices (a.k.a. *real money*!) for what you do.
That being able to clearly explain your processes to your prospects gets you more sales.
That getting more sales gives you the freedom to choose who you want to work with and who you don’t.
And finally, I believe that no matter what stage of business you’re in, having a detailed process in place is the key to running a profitable design firm.

Here's what else you need to know about the course

  • The live support is limited to the allotted 6-week timeframe, but the course materials are yours forever so you can always go back to re-visit anything at any time.
  • There’s no fluff here because I know you’re busy. The lessons themselves are bite-sized - they’re all less than 25 minutes with a few super-shorties clocking in at 4-7 minutes; and you’ll only need to about 1-3 hours per module to complete the lessons and assignments.
  • Each lesson has a “Take Action” assignment at the end so you get to put it all into action in real time as you learn.
  • Why 6 weeks if there are only 5 modules? Because Module 3, the one on pricing, is really important… plus, it involves math, so I’m giving you an extra week to absorb it and get it all hashed out for your business.

The Designed for the Creative MindTM Interior Design Business Masterclass lets you tame the insanity of having to reinvent the wheel for each project with "The 16-Steps of Sanity,” a proven process that gets you through any and all projects smoothly.

About Michelle Lynne

I started my interior design firm the year I got married and I knew that I had to build it so that the business did not get in the way of being present at home with my new husband. 

it was also the year of the Great Recession. Yep 2008. Economic turmoil.

I knew entrepreneurs who worked all around the clock, and that isn't’ the life I wanted to design. 
I had spent almost 20 years prior running multi-million dollar business operations in other industries and was confident in my abilities to run my own business. 
Boy, was I wrong! 
I ended up overwhelmed and miserable, and frankly, I seriously considered throwing in the towel on more than one occasion.
But once I figured out that I needed  systems and repeatable processes in my design business, I started to see big changes immediately. 
Now I have a team and a 7-figure business that allows me to love what I do and to enjoy my life. What could be better?!


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On a more personal note...

Look, I’m not just a coach or mentor. I’m a real-life practicing designer, serving design clients alongside my amazing staff. Just like you, I love creating beautiful environments, but, let's be honest, if it weren't for the Design for the Creative MindTM Interior Design Business Masterclass methods I created and put into practice in my design business long ago, I don't think I'd still be an interior designer. 
You need to get honest with yourself: If you want to be in this business for the long haul - not just as a temporary hobby - you need to make it profitable.
Making *real money* is the permission we need to pursue our craft. Without it, we can't fund our design work.
I learned that getting to profitable in our businesses takes confidence. Confidence that’s achieved by changing our mindsets and that’s backed up by implementing repeatable processes. 
I want more than anything to help other designers just like you work your way to all that and more. That's why I created Designed for the Creative MindTM Masterclass - to give you a no-holds-barred and no-fluff approach to all the techniques and tools it took me years to figure out.
Won’t you join me on this epic journey to take control of your business and transform it into a path to getting the life you really want?

Because all designs are different, but the process should remain the same.


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