Every design is different - but the process should be the same. 

Creating beautiful spaces is instinct, passion, and patience mixed with art (and a lot of measuring). While the creative process may take a variety of turns, the project process should be easily followed, repeatable, and ensure ease for all parties involved.

Creating unique designs is a gift that changes the lives

of the clients who hire an interior designer.

And, delivering beautiful designs is not nearly as easy as it appears on reality television.

The number of details involved in managing a project is overwhelming

and can be confusing, expensive, and frustrating for both the designer and the client, and we only see a few minutes of it on our favorite interior design shows.

What’s really required are standardized processes and procedures to create a business that runs smoothly and provides an excellent experience for all parties.

This is where The Interior Design Business Bakery comes in. 


A year-long Coaching and Mentoring Program

where brilliant designers learn “the recipe” of how to run a thriving interior design business
that stands out from the rest.

The Interior Design Business Process Professional Designation. 

Indicates Excellence in the following areas:


Identifying individual uniqueness, determining how it provides value - and then reaching prospective clients to solve their problems.


Creating a standard sales funnel and pipeline to lead prospects through each step while educating them on the process of every project.


A standardized, repeatable, and easy to explain pricing practice that provides value to the client and profit to the designer.


Helping clients develop a realistic budget for their desired outcome - and then stick to it.


Diving deep into the wants and needs of the client in order to develop a dream-worthy design that requires minimal revisions.


Developing the design in an orderly fashion while communicating and collaborating with the client each step of the way.


Purchasing items "to the trade" isn't as easy as putting the item in a cart and checking out online. Creating a standard process that is efficient and effective is key to meeting deadlines.


If only this process was as simple as it appears on television. Creating checklists and strategic alliances to ensure a smooth experience for the client. Including follow-up on the punch list.

In order to earn this elite designation...

a regimented curriculum and extended private coaching are essential, repeated, and perfected. 

And then a 60+ minute assessment must be completed and passed with an 80% or better score.

Learn more about the program here:

The Interior Design Business Bakery